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Kids Sunglasses

Kids sunglasses are designed to protect the eyes from glare or invisible harmful UV rays. The best protective lens should be made of high quality optical glass or plastic. Plastic is more resistant to impact than glass, but the disadvantage is that the surface is subject to wear. When buying a flat mirror, you can check the lens for scratches, textures, bubbles, spots and other defects.

The frame should be made of strong plastic or metal, and the ears, nose and temples should be comfortable when worn. Dark frames are better than light ones because the brightness of a light frame can damage your vision. 100 % UV protection, complete UV-A, UV-B & UV-C 400 protection. Filter category 3: protection against strong sunshine. Wide temples provide extra protection.

The flexible high-tech rubber is both elastic and stable and provides high wearing comfort. The sunglasses for young kids are practically unbreakable. Although kids sunglasses are not toys, it can still happen that kids play with them. This is why they have been designed to conform to the strict EU Standard for toys. In addition, the high-quality lenses are polarised, thus reducing reflections. Besides, the contrast is increased - colours appear strong and vivid and the eyes can relax - even in sunlight.

Our factory is one of the most professional manufacturers engaged in wholesale kids sunglasses. Additionally, we have exported our kids sunglasses products made in China to many countries and regions. Welcome to wholesale the customized and cheap kids sunglasses with us.
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