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Environmentally friendly TPE materials Polarized Baby Sunglasses

Environmentally friendly spray paint technology, good pressure resistance and softness can prevent glasses from being damaged, TPE soft material is the best toy for children. Polarized Baby Sunglasses let light passing through the lens under strong light can be better adjusted to protect the baby's eyes.

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Product Details


Class A lens

Our lenses are made with A-grade Polarized lenses 

(low-end lenses are Class B and C) to better block harmful light.

Protect your baby's eyes, it is an environmentally healthy baby sunglasses.


Comfortable nose pads

Ergonomically designed nose pads

Comfortable and non-slip, prevent falling off and not easily damaged.


Environmentally friendly TPE materials

TPE material make the sunglasses soft and the product can be recovered by bending, and it has the elasticity of rubber and the strength of engineering plastics, and is environmentally friendly.

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