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Plastic Sunglasses

Our plastic sunglasses reduce glare reflected off of roads, bodies of water, snow, and other horizontal surfaces. Restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered light and protect eyes perfectly.
These plastic sunglasses cut glare and haze so your eyes are more comfortable and you can see better.
Sunglasses are eye care products that prevent eye damage caused by strong sunlight. With the improvement of people's material and cultural level, sunglasses can be used as a special accessory for beauty or personal style.
Our eyeballs (lenses) absorb UV rays very easily. Ultraviolet rays are invisible to the eyes. Sunglasses must be worn frequently to protect the eyes.
Ultraviolet damage will accumulate. Because ultraviolet light is invisible, it is difficult for people to intuitively feel it. UV damage to the eyes is irreversible and irreparable.
It is suitable for any face, show your unique and high-end taste. Suitable for houseboat, driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing and climbing, trekking and business or other outdoor activities enthusiasts.
The lenses are specially designed so that they are both dark and polarized, offering 100% UVA/UVB protection even in intense lighting conditions. These glasses are stylish, durable, and natural.
Our factory is one of the most professional manufacturers engaged in wholesale plastic sunglasses. Additionally, we have exported our plastic sunglasses products made in China to many countries and regions. Welcome to wholesale the customized and cheap plastic sunglasses with us.
  • Sunglasses With One Piece Lens

    Sunglasses With One Piece Lens

    This kind of sunglasses with one piece lens can completely absorbs the glare that can cause glare and eye damage, and can truly protect the eyes. In addition, It is specifically designed for the women who are fashion-conscious.It adhers to the fashion design concept, the...Read More

  • retro Italy sunglasses

    retro Italy sunglasses

    -With the high quality frame, this retro Italy sunglasses uses high quality plastic material, super light, durable, with maximum comfort and flexibility. It can ensure durability and avoid breakage while engaging in sports and recreational activity.
    -Non mirrored...
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  • one piece lens sunglasses

    one piece lens sunglasses

    +With environmental skin-friendly materials, This one piece lens sunglasses are light weight and flat, durable shatterproof. available in a variety of fun colors.
    +Perfect for beach vacation, festival, shopping, fishing, fashion street or cosplay, it's ideal gift to...
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  • Fake Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

    Fake Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

    The fake costa del mar sunglasses conforms to the ergonomic design and fits the dual mindset of pursuing practicality and popularity, which achieves a perfect balance between function and aesthetics. It is suitable for any outdoor sports such as fishing and boating.
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  • uv400 protection sunglasses

    uv400 protection sunglasses

    *The uv400 protection sunglasses can heighten contrast in overcast, hazy, low-light conditions. It can block the harmful sun's rays from damaging your eyes which can cause deep wrinkles, cataracts, macular degeneration, and cancer in and around the eye. 100% Protection...Read More

  • retro modern sunglasses

    retro modern sunglasses

    ​+These retro modern sunglasses are made of high quality material that is durable yet can be worn for long duration comfortably.
    +They are the perfect choice for outdoor activities such as walking, driving, shopping, travelling, taking photos, and is suitable as...
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  • 100% Uv Protection Sunglasses

    100% Uv Protection Sunglasses

    This kind of 100% uv protection sunglasses is similar in appearance to ordinary sunglasses, and the design is very simple. In addition, it features a smooth curve in the shape of a sleek lens, and interchangeable temples and nose pads for versatility. The hollowing...Read More

  • Polycarbonate Lens Sunglasses

    Polycarbonate Lens Sunglasses

    This kind of polycarbonate lens sunglasses has the advantages of high impact strength, high hardness, good mechanical properties, good thermoplasticity, good electrical insulation performance and no pollution to the environment. The high refractive index and light weight of...Read More

  • uv protection sunglasses

    uv protection sunglasses

    With high quality, polarized lenses, these uv protection sunglasses can help reduce glare, making them ideal for all outdoor activities, including running, fishing, boating, beach days, backyard BBQs.
    Our premium uv protection sunglasses protects eyes by blocking...
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  • semi-rimless sunglasses

    semi-rimless sunglasses

    *The semi-rimless sunglasses are using polarized lenses with the double UV blocking coating and polarizing film that make sure your eyes are fully protected against harmful ultraviolet (UV, UVA/UVB) rays! Reduce glare reflected off of roads, bodies of water, snow, and other...Read More

  • italy design sunglasses

    italy design sunglasses

    +Unique and classic Italy design sunglasses with a soft upswept shape is a modern interpretation of a classic style that is guaranteed to turn heads
    +Ultra light,made from first quality plastic material, providing more comfort and resistance. UV400 protection lens...
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  • black frame sunglasses

    black frame sunglasses

    *The super fashion design of black frame sunglasses protects the eyes from the damage caused by sunlight. Meanwhile, the excellent technology enables the glasses to be well attached to all kinds of faces, and show your unique and fashion.
    *This stylish sunglasses...
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