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Frank and Lucie Sunday is Lucies' favorite day

Frank and Lucie Sunday is Lucies' favorite day


Frank and Lucie transport you to the golden age of the late fifties. You know, when glamour is more casual, jets are still comfortable.

Imagine yourself on a yacht on the Côte d'Azur or the Bay of Capri wearing luxurious acetate sunglasses in 6 different colors, in Sofia Loren or Brigitte Bardot.

Named after the days of the week (in romantic French or passionate Italian), except Sundays, as this series is already called: Sunday La Settimana (Duolingo will be patient).

Frank and Lucie 

Frank and Lucie Frank and Lucy Seamore are from London. But now they live outside. Get away from the hustle and bustle and get back to what they say they are in real life. They moved to a small town by the sea. There are museums, theaters, good restaurants, bookstores, and cozy terraces where they feel very relaxed. Because Frank and Lucy are not yet twenty years old, but in their heads, they are young and enterprising. Frank Frank is an eyewear designer. For many companies, he invented various top-of-the-line models, but no one needed to know that. Now, he makes a beautiful collection of reading glasses for his wife, Lucie, because she complains about the offer, not only her but her friends too. When Frank was busy, he realized it was more fun to design a set of reading glasses that he could also wear.

Fade In

All off-the-shelf reading glasses have blue light protection. They freshen your eyes and cool your head. Since we've been staying home, working and playing more lately, we've been staring at screens for hours. The blue light from the screen makes our eyes red and tired, gives us headaches and even makes us sleep poorly. With Frank and Lucy, you look funky, but they're also good for your eyes.

There are always interesting parts in the collection. These names make sense, but they also make you laugh. For example, the large circular model is called the Eyeglobe, the square Eyewitness, and the Eyebrow is what it represents. A special place in the Frank Center is the Eyespies, which have a simple but practical exterior design.

We are one such eyewear factory that strives to develop products. Founded in 2003, Wenzhou Eugenia Eyewear Factory is one of the leading suppliers of sunglasses, reading glasses, and eyewear accessories in Wenzhou China. We have built our good reputation by providing high-quality products and value-added solutions in the industry. There are more than 2000 designs in our showroom. And our professional design team can make new designs every week. Most importantly, the home laboratory and strict QC team guarantee your brand quality. We are ready to provide you with excellent service and products.

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