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Limited edition Bayria glasses pay tribute to Barry Palazzo Mincuzzi

Limited edition Bayria glasses pay tribute to Barry Palazzo Mincuzzi


With the limited edition of "Liberty", Bayria Eyewear would like to pay tribute to the city it borrowed its name from. In 1928, one of the symbols of the city, the Palazzo Mincuzzi, was established here. It is a masterpiece of the Art Nouveau movement style, designed by the architect Aldo Forcignano, and designed to sell knitwear and valuables.


Palazzo Mincuzzi is a pearl of the Italian Art Nouveau style: the outer wall is covered with masks, marble decorations, square stone pilasters and columns, and hidden in the magnificent staircase. The top is a dome elegantly covered with gold-plated glass bricks, which is a unique structure of elements.


The unique and curved free frame reminds people of all the elements of the Minkuzi Palace: the wavy line in front reminds people of the Ionian capital of the palace facade. It strictly uses matte black plate acetate fiber, and the same black color appears repeatedly in the entire architectural design, from the internal railings to the signs.


The wine red lens with internal anti-reflection is inspired by the color of the exterior wall obtained with the reverberation of light. On the other hand, the hedgehog pole is made of gold metal. This color flickers between the outer windows and occupies space, which enhances the geometric shape of free decoration and reminds people of the dome decorated with gold glass bricks.


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