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Wooden glasses – designer UNSUIKYO

Wooden glasses – designer UNSUIKYO


Inspired by the beauty of the Japanese forest in Hakutani Unsikyo, Unsuikyo glasses are handcrafted to evoke an appreciation of the natural world. Created by eyewear designer Chan Ho Yin, Brian, the award-winning design uses natural materials, including sedimentary rock and wood, and the frame is inspired by classic and vintage eyewear. UNSUIKYO's timeless aesthetics offers you comfort, comfort, and a unique view of the world. The design is sold in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

The same frame of scenery, different people will give different stories. UNSUIKYO explores the world from different perspectives, finds inspiration in subtleties, collects materials unique to the world, classic line design, and unique craftsmanship techniques, so that the vision and the original touch are like being in the scenery of various places, capturing unique moments with your eyes. UNSUIKYO is a Hong Kong-based brand inspired by the natural forest scenery of the Japanese brandy Unsikyo, focusing on combining classical style with earthly materials. AS TREES, RIVERS AND VALLEYS ARE TIMELESS, SO ARE UNSUIKYO GLASSES, ENCOURAGING THE WEARER TO DISCOVER DIFFERENT WAYS TO APPRECIATE THE NATURAL BEAUTY THAT SURROUNDS THEM. Everything starts with the earth: our team meticulously breathes new life into each frame, from inspiration to initial design to product details!

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Eyewear designer UNSUIKYO will launch four new eyewear collections: M.Midsummer, M.Bloom, M.Fall and M.Chill. Each frame has the brand's charm and expertise, using real wood and carbon fibre in the design and construction process, while borrowing techniques from handmade tool holders and using nature-inspired shades. Lightweight, sophisticated and perfectly designed, each collection is destined to be an everyday statement that highlights and elevates the wearer's unique style and design perspective while rekindling their love of the natural world.

The lightness, refined styling and intricate details of each pair of UNSUIKYO frames are achieved through extraordinary craftsmanship. This is the first time the brand has added a mesmerizing "temple of handles" element. This design is based on the same construction principle as the manual tool holder. The actual knives are made with a wealth of woodworking techniques, and designer Chan Ho Yin Brian is very keen to study how to apply them to UNSUIKYO products. To create the unique effect, two pieces of raw wood were attached to each titanium edge on the frame before being fixed with UNSUIKYO's signature hex screws, and the final shape was carefully and meticulously shaped. The handle edge is located at the wearer's temple to show this detail and give it the craftsmanship it deserves.

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Vintage-inspired silhouettes are truly timeless, and while they evoke a retro era, they also conform to contemporary aesthetics, where the value of craftsmanship is still appreciated and coveted. The result is an ultra-lightweight piece that breaks the brand's previous record (weighing just 16-19 grams) without compromising the style. UNSUIKYO has partnered with ZEISS, the world's leading manufacturer of precision optics, to create sunglasses clips with ZEISS lenses. This is the first time ZEISS has collaborated with a Hong Kong eyewear designer. Each pair is practical and versatile, offering ultra-clear vision and 100% UV protection.

Inspired by the colours of beautiful natural landscapes, these collections harmoniously combine modern engineering techniques with tones in their surroundings and combine creativity with practicality. In the M.Chill collection, M.Chill_YL glasses are available in matte silver and yellow, creating a harmonious color between warm and cool tones. The M.Fall_BK glasses of the M.Fall collection feature a deep matte black and classic round bezel, blending green titanium and wood-handled temples in a simple but varied design to accentuate a more understated aesthetic.

The lead-blue titanium details M.Midsummer_BL the M.Midsummer collection are inspired by the way moonlight illuminates the lake, with a wooden front sheet with dark and light stripes and clipped with transparent blue lenses. The M.Bloom_GD frames of the M.Bloom collection contrast gold-tone metal with wood-colored front frames, showcasing the power and majesty of golden time and the essence of the sunset.


As a brand of "Earth Material Glasses", wood is one of the important natural materials used in UNSUIKYO's designs. From April 2022 to spring 2023, the "M.Sapwood" and "M.Heartwood" will launch four new models, one narrow and one oversized. 

To achieve a combination of sustainability, quality and style, the frame is made of corrosion-resistant sandalwood and Macassar ebony as well as elastic titanium. They are characterized by their ruggedness, while the styles are characterized by comfort, urban look and wood patterns. These models return to simplicity with a classic Panto frame and a clean design that highlights the refinement of wood.
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