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We are a specialized sunglasses and safegty goggles manufacturer engaged in sunglasses, party glasses, reading glasses, eyeglasses cords, lens cleaners and eyewear repair kits. Our products are exported in many countries and regions especially the America and Europe. It is a wise choise to cooperate with us. Because we have follow advantages. Welcome to partner up with us.


Product of Eugenia Eyewear Company Ltd. covers wholesale custom sunglasses, reading glasses, optical frames, safe goggles, protective safety face shield, various in sizes,  chic in design and style, applicable for all.  

Professional one-stop custom sunglasses, safe goggles and face shield service is also available from Eugenia to meet miscellaneous demands from global customers.

Eugenia  safety goggles and safety face shield featured with high performance for eye and face safety protection, more details, contact Eugenia now, 2020 popular sunglasses, safety goggles and face shield manufacturer . 

Custom Sunglasses Manufacturers With OEM / ODM Service

Professional oem & odm service at Eugenia Eyewear Company Ltd., welcome to inquire on line for surpisingly good custom sunglasses , reading glasses, optical frames, safe goggles & safety face shield.

Eugenia provides gloable customers with  24 hours service.  We're here to maximize wholesale sunglasses and safe goggles customers' experience satisfaction in Eugenia.


Free Customized Sample! Better Quality Better Life! 



Founded in 2003, Wenzhou Eugenia Eyewear Factory is one of the leader suppliers of sunglasses, reading glasses, and eyewear accessories in Wenzhou China. We have built our good reputation by providing high-quality products and value-added solutions in the industry. There are more than 2000 designs in our show room. And our professional designer team can make new designs every week. Most importantly, the home laboratory and strict QC team guarantee your brand quality. We are ready to provide you excellent service and products.


Eugenia factory is here to bring you the best of popular sunglasses, offering global customers oem& odm service. Check news covering Eugenia safety face shield & goggles and sunglasses industrial knowledge. Sourcing for protective eyewear product? Contact Eugenia factory and get sample now.



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