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Common sense of true and false reading glasses_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-13
The English of reading glasses is reading glass, which is literally translated as 'reading glasses'. When many people reach a certain age, they feel that the words in the newspaper have become blurred, and they can't see the phone number on the business card handed over by others. At such a moment, what is needed is a 'close-up short-focus lens'. Japan's 'OurAge' magazine interviewed the manager of an optical shop about some common sense issues about reading glasses. Question 1: Can those 10 yuan per pair of reading glasses in the optical shop be worn? Answer: The lenses installed in the ready-made glasses are generally the same in the left and right degrees. If it is a person with disordered vision who has a difference in vision between the left and right eyes, it is better to match the matching lenses, so that it will feel comfortable to wear. As long as you cover one side of your eyes and observe, you can feel whether you have this situation. Question 2: What is the difference between reading glasses and magnifying glasses? Answer: A magnifying glass is a tool used to magnify small things. The role of reading glasses is to cooperate with the focus of the eyes to assist vision, and cannot be magnified. People who need to wear reading glasses can only see the part illuminated by the magnifying glass if they only use the magnifying glass. Question 3: What is the big difference between cheap lenses and expensive lenses? Answer: To sum it up in one sentence, the way you see things is different. The more expensive lenses are generally thinner in thickness and have a wider field of view. At the same time, things seen through the lens will be less distorted and can be seen more clearly. This can be done by going to the optical store to try on lenses of different prices to experience the difference between them. Many people are not used to wearing cheap lenses after wearing more expensive lenses.
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