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How often are reading glasses replaced? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-14
It is normal for people to have presbyopia after a certain age. As long as we can determine our own degree, we can actually buy a suitable presbyopia glasses. This is also very safe. But after all, glasses also have a service life, and maybe as we age, the degree of reading glasses will also increase, so how often is it appropriate to replace them? 1. Pay attention to the wear and tear before changing the specific reading glasses. When should we replace them? We should definitely determine the wear and tear of the glasses, because many people buy the reading glasses themselves, which are of average quality, and there may be a lot of wear and tear. The lenses may be unclear, so they must be replaced in time. You can also buy a big brand of reading glasses. In fact, the price of reading glasses is not very high. It is recommended to buy a better product. Such reading glasses may not have any problems even if they have been used for several years. Second, pay attention to the visual inspection. Because everyone’s visual acuity is different, there will be some differences in daily eye use. In addition, many people are naturally prone to presbyopia, and may have to renew it every two or three years. Replace the glasses. However, it is recommended not to buy glasses directly, because you are not sure what your degree is, then you should go to the hospital for an eye test to determine the condition of your eyesight, and then go for the purchase of reading glasses. The effect will be better. Third, look at at least once every five years. Basically, presbyopia will increase by about 50 degrees every five years, but after the age of 60, the presbyopia will basically not rise. Therefore, it is also recommended that everyone try their best to go for an optometry every five years or so, so that we can know the specific optometry situation. You can simply check it every five years, so that you can know whether the reading glasses should be replaced, and it can also let us know the basic condition of the eyes.
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