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How to match glasses with presbyopia? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-14
Although presbyopia is a normal thing, many people with presbyopia in life actually disagree with their own presbyopia, and they don’t care much about the need for presbyopia with reading glasses. The consequence is that the eyes are more prone to fatigue and the degree deepens faster. Then, it is necessary to match glasses with presbyopia. Then, how to match glasses with presbyopia? Let's take a look at it together. 1. Professional refraction is required before reading glasses. For people with presbyopia, especially those who have eye discomfort, they can go to the hospital for a comprehensive eye examination before wearing reading glasses to find out if they have cataracts. For other eye diseases such as glaucoma, optometry will be more accurate after excluding eye diseases. The place to choose optometry is better to be some places with accurate optometry, like the twenty-step optometry, combining various test results, the optometry results are more accurate and reliable, and more suitable for the needs of opticians. Patients with presbyopia should not wear a pair of reading glasses all the time, because as the age increases, the degree of presbyopia in the eyes is getting worse, and the degree of presbyopia is also different. Therefore, when the wearing glasses are not clear, they need to re-optometry. Wearing new reading glasses. Second, with reading glasses, you need to choose a professional glasses shop. Professional glasses shops are more standardized on equipment, optometry, and try-on, and the quality of glasses is more guaranteed. For the elderly, choosing guaranteed glasses to wear is more conducive to their eyesight. Once there is a problem with the glasses, it can be solved reasonably. When choosing glasses for presbyopia, it is better to choose glasses that can filter ultraviolet rays or color-changing lenses. As the elderly are getting older, some senile eye diseases may appear, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, etc., and UV-proof spectacle lenses can filter ultraviolet rays, protect the eyes of the elderly, and prevent some eye diseases.
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