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Precautions for reading glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-13
When many people are in their teens, they always feel that their eyes are blurry, and they feel that their vision is not as good as before. Most of the reasons are presbyopia. The appearance of presbyopia means that reading glasses are required to correct vision. . In fact, many elderly people in life are very indifferent to the precautions for reading glasses, which is not good for the eyes. Let's learn about the precautions for reading glasses. Many elderly people who wear reading glasses do not pay much attention to the quality of reading glasses and optometry. Many elderly people wear reading glasses on the floor, and it is difficult for such reading glasses to meet the actual needs of individuals in terms of degrees. And the quality is not guaranteed, the impact on vision is great. When the eyesight is not good, many elderly people like to use a magnifying glass to read text. Doing so will only make your eyesight worse. Magnifying glasses are equivalent to 1000-2000 degree reading glasses. Therefore, although it is a convex lens, it is not suitable for personal long-term use at all, and suitable reading glasses not only correct vision, but also protect the eyes. Therefore, when the reading glasses worn and cannot meet the vision needs, it is necessary to re-examine the glasses. In life, it is not only necessary to replace reading glasses properly, but also to pay attention to eye maintenance. For example, when cleaning, you should often use water to rinse, and when the glasses are particularly dirty, do not rub them directly to avoid scratches. Lenses, wipe after cleaning. Glasses do not contact with some chemicals, so as not to be corroded. Also, keep your glasses in the glasses case if you don't need them.
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