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Reading glasses may also be fashionable, reading glasses with anti-blue light function_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-14
Glasses brand Zoff launched a new series of reading glasses equipped with anti-blue light function in May this year. This series is aimed at people who are beginning to realize that they need to wear reading glasses, but people who resist reading glasses because they can't find a fashionable style. And equipped with special lenses with anti-blue light function that people are paying more attention to. Subvert the original idea that “wearing reading glasses” is very rustic, so that reading glasses will not derail from fashion. Reading glasses can also be fashionable. Reading glasses equipped with anti-blue light function are not only for young people, but also for middle-aged people in their 40s or so. They will also have to face computers, mobile phones and other electronic products for a long time in work and life. LCD screens, and the blue light emitted from these LCD screens is one of the main causes of eye irritation and fatigue. This new Zoff series of reading glasses adopts lenses with a blue light blocking function, which can effectively prevent about 36% of harmful blue light from entering the eyes, and almost no chromatic aberration. There are three optional degrees: +1.00, +1.50, and +2.00. You don’t need to perform your own vision test in advance, as long as you know the degree, you can buy it directly, so it is also a good choice for elders and friends. Or when you suddenly need to use reading glasses, you can easily buy them. The frame is made of TR-90, which is the basic material of 'lightweight glasses' with light weight and strong elasticity. Even if it is worn for a long time, it will not cause a burden on the bridge of the nose and ears. Since this series of reading glasses is made for fashion, of course the styles will also provide enough choices. Zoff has launched 20 different styles of frames in one go, and has made unique designs for men and women. The price is 3,500 yen per pair, which is approximately 210 yuan.
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