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What is reading glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-13
Presbyopia glasses are different from myopia glasses and are mainly used for middle-aged and elderly people with presbyopia. Reading glasses, also known as reading glasses, are a kind of convex lens. For many elderly people, reading, watching TV, and writing would be very inconvenient if they don’t wear reading glasses. So what kind of glasses are reading glasses? How do they correct their eyesight? Let’s take a look at it together. Bar. Reading glasses are a kind of convex lens. Using the convergent effect of the light passing through the convex lens, the light is gathered together, and then the lens is imaged on the retina. The degree of presbyopia increases with age. Generally, presbyopia begins to appear around the age of 40. By the age of 50, presbyopia usually has 200 degrees, and the specifics vary accordingly. . Many elderly people use a magnifying glass to see the font clearly. In fact, a magnifying glass is also a convex lens. There is a difference between reading glasses and magnifying glasses. The magnifying glass is made by using the object to magnify the upright virtual image within one time the focal length of the magnifying glass. It is not suitable for long-term use. . Reading glasses can be used frequently because they meet personal vision needs and meet personal requirements. After the human eye reaches the age of 40, the lens of the human eye gradually hardens, and the ciliary muscle is gradually paralyzed. The human eye cannot effectively adjust the distance between the eye and the object to be seen. If you look close, you need to be far away to see clearly, and reading glasses are convex lenses that enable people with presbyopia to see close.
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