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Which brand of reading glasses is good? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-14
Reading glasses, also known as presbyopic glasses, are a kind of glasses used by middle-aged and elderly people with presbyopia, and they belong to a kind of convex lens. Under normal circumstances, people will have presbyopia after middle age. In order not to affect work and life, most people will choose a pair of reading glasses, so as not to affect the rhythm of work and life. However, there are many brands of reading glasses. Most people don't know which brand of reading glasses is better. The following editor will introduce to you a few brands that sell well and have a good reputation. OULE Reading Glasses OULE is a well-known Hong Kong eyewear brand with a wide variety of glasses, including myopia sunglasses, optical glasses, sunglasses, cycling glasses, sports glasses, and reading glasses. Compared with other brands, the frame of reading glasses is made of beryllium-copper alloy, which is made of aviation material, which is twice as resistant to corrosion and wear as ordinary metal. At the same time, the soft silicone nose pads perfectly fit the bridge of the nose and are comfortable to wear without pressure. Sunset Red Reading Glasses The Sunset Red Reading Glasses belongs to Xiamen Shangjie Optical Technology Co., Ltd., which has a complete variety of reading glasses, fashionable and rich in styles. The frames are full-frame, half-frame, frameless, and folding; the lenses include anti-fatigue glass, coated resin, high-tech PC lens and non-focus lens. The afocal lens solves the problems of the elderly's vision health and has become a presbyopia vision expert in the eyes of many middle-aged and elderly patients. In addition to the above two well-known brands of reading glasses, Junxiang reading glasses, Old Man 100 reading glasses, Formosa Boulevard reading glasses, Ives reading glasses, Xiya reading glasses, etc. are all well-known domestic reading glasses brands. However, among the many brands of reading glasses, OULE reading glasses inherits the 'MTOC' office direct sales model, leaving more concessions and discounts to consumers, and has won the support and affirmation of many consumers.
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