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2011 is not only used for uv protection sunglasses trend restoring ancient ways

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
If you still think the sunglasses is only used to keep out sunshine, you are out! At each big fashion week shows, sunglasses have become one of the big love items. A modified face, promote the aura, hurry to choose a. According to a report in the journal of P1, glasses in recent years has become the major international fashion catwalks, become the important parts in the overall modelling be short of one cannot, plus the agitation restoring ancient ways of persistent fever, as a result, the '50 s popular modelling of cat's eye glasses on top of 2011 glasses popular trend single was Nikki Hilton, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Mary Kate Olsen stars such as 'street'. At the same time because of the abundant material and the use of color, one former style is the pattern of change, constant is the emphasis on the unique self and carry forward. Nonsense not much said, let's take a look at how to use modern methods to deduce the '50 s of the classic. In fact, this trend is the cat's eye glasses with the '50 s and 60 s, the rise of the fashion. In autumn/winter 2010 shows, has been around. In the recent 2011 fashion shows, cat's eye glasses ( Specific sunglasses) To build the 'cat' modelling, have a few questions need to be aware of: 1. Not appropriate crowd, broad face ( For example, Mary - Kate Olsen) ; Appropriate crowd, thin face, Such as Nikki Hilton) 。 2. Overall modelling taboo: systemic design and color printing and dyeing, too heavy and complicated is others cannot see the glasses. 3. Hairstyle modelling taboo: 'head' and long hair. Notice is sexy and delicate, cat kind too long hair can lead to two oil 'head' and don't like, can't fine interpretation deliberately.
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