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2012 chun xia series fashion sunglasses is recommended

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Chanel2012 chun xia glasses
the French high quality brand Chanel 2012 chun xia glasses series, the series contains sunglasses and glasses, with a sense of future material - — Carbon fiber, carbon fiber and perfect integration of fashion sense and high-tech, knit fabric with tweed, tie-in classic picture frame: round, square and the pilot frames. The hot days of graphite color echo white processing and double C logo, show the aesthetic feeling of like nature itself.
VOILE DE TWEED theme series show TWEED combined with smooth lines modelling effect: in the 1970 s style extremely the square or slightly assumes the circular of the very large. Double C logo is like a metal ring, embedded on her feet. This series of works with soft or sunshine is tonal, such as lavender gray, khaki and cherry color sunglasses, also has the bright vibrant colors, such as forest green and reef lake blue optical glasses lens.
chanel lady love tweed become the core element of chanel 2012 chun xia series of glasses. Tweed in mixed forming, on both sides of the subtle show irregular aesthetic feeling, through the transparent acetate frames. This season works include a series of contrasting colors to choose from: rural color such as green or pink, or khaki, gray, or black relatively calm neutral shades.
Prada sunglasses 2012 new
the sunglasses Prada, 2012 chun xia series has strong character and personality. Contour design from circular to the cat's eye, and then to square, offers a variety of options, the actress has always been a necessary choice. Fashion, elegant appearance, concise sunglasses let PRADA launched not only attract eyeball, and instantly become Hollywood stars love.
Phillip lim 3. 1 sunglasses 2012 chun xia series
in order to design the flight concise generous and joker sunglasses Phillip lim is 3. 1 series flagship product, the design is full of lightness, change is not much, but it can highlight handsome. In addition, new series including jelly has transparent texture as a sweet pink rough frame of the model, and the tortoise shell grain of restoring ancient ways.

Gucci FLORA GARDEN series glasses this unique new sunglasses in spring and summer, the inspiration comes from Gucci very iconic design, one of the FLORA floral pattern, hereby to those vigorous and mysterious fashionable Gucci woman of charm.
with Gucci new Flora Garden fragrance series, draw out a variety of historic pattern design and color is transformed into 5 kinds of glasses color: green is gorgeous and bold and unrestrained, gardenia, purple is a noble and elegant violet, orange, yellow is elegant red is elegant and delicate tuberose, blue is a charming magnolia. The series was capped by the classic black. Each painting's signature butterfly pattern on the glasses have nuances, further highlight its metal frames and lens design. New environmental
Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses
to support charitable projects, the new environmental protection sunglasses were introduced. Chocolate color sunglasses are made from the materials derived from castor oil seeds, three-dimensional leaf texture to modify its leg. Glasses box is made of leather.
Glasiz graffiti series
LADY GAGA as fashionable vane tide people, I'm afraid of this series of whimsy sunglasses not unfamiliar. Graffiti to dazzle logo, you will see the glasses are no longer a dark, but with all kinds of geometric patterns, mesh, stripes, electrocardiogram (ecg) of novelty, time is not reveal hipster vanguard's personality.
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