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2013 fashion sunglasses list

by:Eugenia     2020-08-19
As the change of temperature, sunglasses already popular, this year many new sunglasses, modelling changeable, strong fashion sense, let's take a look at the new list, right circular frame glasses sunglasses fashion 2013 chun xia glasses is one of the popular trend of big circular framework, whether what kind of large, medium and small sizes, as long as it is circular frame even keep up with the trend. But the shape of glasses is very pick face and dress style, good feeling restoring ancient ways of clothing, find themselves face size of circular framework. 'Cat's eye sunglasses sunglasses' cat's eye ', 'in the 1950 s pop elements, high return, now return to the stage. 'Cat's eye' sunglasses because frames on both sides of the cock like butterfly wings, so also known as the butterfly. It is not only like a cat with a mysterious charming feeling, also like the butterfly, beautiful enchanting, but the spring is no longer black and tortoise shell color, bold, bright color is the way. Reflective glasses sunglasses spring and summer another reflective sunglasses is a major trend, the mirror look fashionable avant-courier, full of sense of the future. A mirror the fine line elements, framework design is no longer a problem, whether it is round, square or D shape, just suit your face shape can. Oversized glasses frame trend this year is the bigger the better, large square frame, rounded corner slightly more popular. About half of the large frame cover your face, seem to be more mysterious, more fashionable. Design or printing frame play pattern and color of the season is spring, everywhere printed pop elements, how can without the glasses! We can see StellaMcCartney brand launched many bold stripe color, fashion animal grain, etc. , so choose a such glasses must let you glamorous. Unusual shape if you want to different, stand out in the crowd, individual character is dye-in-the-wood, then choose an unusual shapes of glasses. These shapes, unique style design is everywhere in spring 2013 SHOW, you can choose one to take to promote yourself. All kinds of sunglasses let you shine at the moment, also let you dazzling, choose to a pair of suitable sunglasses for yourself? Let this summer glow.
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