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2013 sunglasses brand list

by:Eugenia     2020-08-19
Until today in development of sunglasses, is no longer just pure sunshade tool. At present, the world reflect a number of international famous brand sunglasses, design novel, exquisite workmanship, these sunglasses is not only a symbol of fashion, but also the symbol of status. Today, small make up for the popular online international brand sunglasses, only small make up your own personal point of view, for reference only. NO1: ray-ban ( RayBan) 'NEVERHIDE' ray-ban sunglasses are the eternal classic. Ray-ban sunglasses, the world's top brand of sunglasses, is worthy of sunglasses brand ranked no. ! Ray-ban sunglasses, a symbol of high-end fashion, ray-ban sunglasses can easily take on the world's top shows your eyeball. Ray-ban glasses and fashion the perfect combination of classical, innovation of science and technology cooperation seiko production, every detail to create high-quality goods, make intellectual, and passion, fashion group, outstanding individual character and temperament. Ray-ban has been copied, has never been surpassed! NO2:GUCCI— — GUCCI sunglasses GUCCI sunglasses are reveal luxurious sunglasses, fashionable and elegant to the person image, will also be sexy mysterious style to the design of sunglasses, whether it's a soft amber glasses, metal frame or contracted style, GUCCI always like in the grandiose bold design show costly expensive gas, especially the adornment design of the lens on the arm feels dye-in-the-wood, always send out a strong brand characteristics. NO3:PRADA( Prada) Prada, the Prada sunglasses, high society in Italy has very high reputation and fame, has won the favor of the royal family and society and sought after. At the same time, the design of Prada, Prada and modern life form the other photograph be in harmony, not only in material, color and style of work, Prada, the Prada design philosophy behind the life happened to fit the modern pursuit of immediate practical and popular beautiful mentality, is sending out mysterious charm of the item. NO4:BOLON( Tyrannosaurus rex) Different from other brand of sunglasses, tyrannosaurus sunglasses are Chinese own glasses. Tyrannosaurus sunglasses adhering to the fashion world advanced design concept, fashion and elegant in-depth design, keep up with fashion trends in the world, using innovative new technology, manifests the tyrannosaurus sunglasses has always been the pursuit of innovative style. Pure manual grinding material and carefully designed LOGO derivative design idea yi is unripe brightness, really is a perfect taste tyrannosaurus glasses excellent texture and enjoy. NO5:PARIM( Send li meng) Send beautiful fashionable sunglasses since founded in 1992, has been following the romantic European style, fusion of fashion, delicate, comfortable, durable, and many other elements, selects the high quality lenses and frames is qualitative, according to the characteristics of Oriental face continuously improve glasses wearing comfort, durability and stylish, lead domestic sunglasses fashion agitation, fashion and elegant set of brand image. NO6: dolphins ( PORPOISE) Dolphins POPOS 'Yang is a mirror is heading for the world fashion cutting-edge international brands, from domestic senior designer fusion domestic/international popular trend, elaborate design is completed, it brings together all the fashionable element, with stunning design, exquisite material, the modelling of novel styles and diverse, mapping out the sunglasses world profusion is colorful. NO7:GiorgioArmani( Giorgio armani) The characteristics of the flexible fashion is GiorgioArmani sunglasses, it with simple lines, the rich deserve to act the role of the craft and the wonderful artical excelling nature, showed a sense beyond compare, GiorgioArmani sunglasses design in bold colors make originally have the sunglass of classical temperament, with increase of fashionable feeling, become a indispensable fashionable personage face decoration. NO8:Versace( Versace) Believe every love to excellent friends know this name, versace versace fashion product infiltrated every field of life, including sunglasses product design style is very distinctive, unique sense of beauty, art characterization of strong pioneer, let a person very move. 9号:PorscheDesign ( Porsche sunglasses) Porsche glasses to pursue the technical elements organically integrated into the noble life, is one of the biggest high-tech in glasses industry positioning of the luxury brands. At the same time, the porsche too glasses uphold the car design style, exclusive luxury, self-centered; Concise and easy, line feeling and metal feeling is very strong. 10号:D& G( Dolce & gabbana) Italy is the birthplace of one of quality, D& G spirit, uphold the tradition of the Italian design not only high quality materials, more with the consummate craft, they are popular and loved by the society. D& G said brand is the language of the young people, in order to completely free to test materials and shape. Its design mostly derive from life, inspiration, and then into the rich connotation of product design, often very give prize.
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