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2013 the most tide glasses makeup fan bingbing stars such as glasses modelling show MOE

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
Don't think the shelf without lens glasses show MOE is after 90 patents, 'uncle' like nicky wu can take advantage of this artifact reduction of age. In addition, for women have also frame glasses while filling culture. Look at the stars of all stripes is if collocation black glass frame. And want to make good use of this age artifacts reduction, the collocation of what kind of eye makeup? Because around the eye glasses itself has to have a very strong modification effect, so on makeup look collocation to simple. During the day can choose thick curly mascara and eyeliner for eyelashes and decorated look line, simple, is to modify the outline of the glasses, and not let the eyes under the glass frame looks too rob mirror, highlighting. If you think this show MOE glasses 'mesa', then you are really wrong, fan bingbing had at the time of attend the show, have to wear glasses show MOE modelling. If you really want to try at dinner or party with glasses, modelling is more easily than complex dinner makeup look to Cecilia liu wearing the classic leisure style glass frame, fashion and easy, simple but elegant noble temperament. Sunglasses factory similar glasses nets recommend Cecilia liu black glass frame, sunglasses factory sheet FB5007C3 black glasses. L wear this with a red bowknot black-rimmed glasses, and revealed in the lovely, the one with red is particularly prominent in the black glass frame.
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