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雷- 2015 chun xia Ban boom Round Style restoring ancient ways Round box

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Round glasses in the 1930 s, seems to be 'art temperament of the pronoun', but also a symbol of life. 'Vintage' the classic of classics, filling in the round glasses this word perfect. When this seemingly ordinary modelling in the 21st century, unexpectedly into a fashion, both in Europe and the United States, or Asia, are indispensable to the taste, are you ready for this year, together into the arms of 'restoring ancient ways round box'? Global storm hits, restoring ancient ways is the glasses industry bosses 'Ray - Ban 'ray-ban glasses, of course, won't make people jockey, this year chun xia flagship' Round '( Round box) Series, adding into the imperishable ten thousand 'camouflage' elements, as well as the popular essential 'mercury lens' over the last two years. 2015 new style restoring ancient ways, let you in the hot summer, become more than the sun scorching fashion star. ROUND 1 sunglasses 2015 published the new 'Lily' mercury mercury lens 'Lily' has a clear and detailed composite material design, with bright plank produce mist side effect, the jelly sending light texture, cuddly! Carrying the psychedelic color purple and orange chardonnay, fog green high standard, bright color, can achieve a lot in any yan's gesture, as if a Spotlight falls on you, even if the sun is shining, you can let the world with bright eye open for you. ROUND 2 as camouflage in the ROUND box blessed love camouflage friend! Classic meticulous restoring ancient ways round box to camouflage cloth parcel framework, different from ordinary plastic casing and metal frame, design one, with gold mirror Angle, golden bright and attractive. 'Achievements classic' in detail based on the camouflage cloth wrapped frame design is not only of jing is colourful, but also in the factor, is the beauty of the ray-ban always keep details, from the point of any detail, can be said to be 'zero blind Angle' the perfect performance, challenge without fault of restoring ancient ways round rims. Source: China glasses net
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