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2015 domestic sunglasses popular brands

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Sunglasses whether traveling or street clap a street is not lack of a kind of fashion accessories, whether modifying function or use value is quite high. But because the market is a mess of sunglasses, a variety of products dazzling, international brands and domestic brands are also many, many people will find it hard to choose a suitable sunglasses, small make up more inclined to the domestic brand, not only affordable, also very accord with Chinese characteristics, of course, also can be used as the performance of the patriotic ~ below small make up is to introduce the domestic sunglasses are popular this year 1, tyrannosaurus several well-known brands sunglasses tyrannosaurus sunglasses are on the style design, process, or functional effect in the forefront of the market, as the international high-end brand, but its price compared with the international high-end brand significantly more affordable, high cost performance, it is also a tyrannosaurus sunglasses on the market, is leading a big advantage. Tyrannosaurus sunglasses have been in the style of the fashion, the atmosphere attracts the people, as well-known brands in China, is also being popular stars in the entertainment circle. 2, dolphin sunglasses

fashion retro sunglasses authentic big box female dolphins po1019c6 purple shade sunglass 'dolphin POPOS' sunglasses is a cutting-edge international brand to the world fashion, it brings together all the fashionable element, with stunning design, exquisite material, novel design and diversified model, mapping out the sunglasses world profusion is colorful. Dolphin glasses products passed the ISO9001 certification, product 65% export, and for multiple world brand OEM. Five consecutive years won the national supervision and sampling of qualified products and to obtain the Chinese well-known trademark, is a strictly control on the quality of sunglasses. 3, Paul sunglasses st Paul has been sticking to the polo aggressive and go all out, continuing the historical meaning of brand culture and noble, as well as the classic temperament. With healthy recreational taste, excellent elegant style and superb technical strength, has received the general consumer's affection. Paul sunglasses towards recreational style, design unique personality, European and American countries of many celebrities, gentlemen are big fans of it. 4, sent her sunglasses sent her fashion sunglasses since founded in 1992, the fusion of fashion, delicate, comfortable, durable, and many other elements, selects the high quality lenses and frames is qualitative, according to the characteristics of Oriental face continuously improve glasses wearing comfort, durability and stylish, always occupy a higher market share, become the domestic famous brand sunglasses. Send li meng sunglasses with their own romantic European style and fashion and elegant brand image by the vast number of consumers love. Our country the sunglasses of domestic well-known brand and polaroid, wave, dream, SAN bao, etc. , are all very good choice, but dear friends must be polished snow eye, identify real oh, good to of entity shop or glasses shopping mall to buy. Glasses sunglasses factory network is a special glasses shopping mall and in a variety of well-known brands including products is very rich, the price is very cheap oh ~
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