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2015 new Chloe glasses series display the beauty of nostalgic restoring ancient ways

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
New glasses series added 70 s nostalgia element, Chloe appearance restoring ancient ways, reveal the beauty of women and generous, elegant manners. And this series of meticulous coloring makes it elegant contour with more of the time feeling. Fashion rectangle frame chooses to elegant look is, with the brand of the classic metal letter 'C' hinged connection before its leg and frame, magnificent chic; Left its leg is decorated with unique Chloe logo, identification degree is high. The series has a shallow tortoise shell color, black, khaki, amaranth and honey. CE2658 ORME exceptionally large picture frame shape matching plastic frames before restoring ancient ways, with a brand is inspired by the curve of the letter 'C' logo type metal mirror legs, design line is fluent; And detailed picture frame color make the series of streamline shape more show prominent, full of contemporary; At the same time, more brand Logo emblazoned with the Logo in the left lens, quiet and elegant. The series has a gray, chocolate color and light brown. CE675S EMILIA send out enchanting charm of the square plastic frames with fine streamlined metal mirror legs, perfect deduce brand unique artistic breath this season. Brand Logo Logo engraved on the left lens Chloe, more show its noble and elegant. The series has streaks of black, gray, dark brown and light brown. CE681SA EMILIA fashionable and charming circular plastic frames, adopt unique brand trademark design of Cate, by frame extends to its leg, design a chic and elegant style. Soft translucent color with hollow out metal mirror legs, more can highlight female beauty. The series has a dark gray, brown, light green and peach color. CE682SA CATE iconic pilot design purposely choose silver spell gold metal picture frame, build a model case of contrast effect; Translucent mirror legs end more deeply embedded metal silk thread, design is unique. The series has a pale gold with blue, shallow golden matchs with the aureate with beige and light grey. CE118S ERIA ( 飞行员) Inspired by the round gold metal frames of style restoring ancient ways, compose with silver metal decoration, style, comparative and bright, the feeling of mysterious charm; Semi-transparent mirror legs can see through the embedded metal silk thread, show the soul of the whole frame. The series has a pale gold and ivory, rose gold matchs with the aureate with shallow brown and light khaki. CE117S ERIA ( 轮) Chloe is a symbol of women's charm and elegant, while Carlina style perfectly restore ancient ways and fashion elements, the circular lenses lining in a transparent butterfly shape frame, the charming femininity in the large picture frame shows, also, the dynamic of a butterfly is flying out. Gradient lens more draws out the series of light and delicate feeling, add women unique temperament. This series with gold with green, golden light grey and rose gold with brown. CE119S CARLINA
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