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芬迪2015 - Qiu dong series of 16 Paradeyes sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
FENDI xinran for autumn/winter 2015 series Paradeyes sunglasses. Flowers of bird of paradise in this series with FENDI fashion show for inspiration, the perfect echo the Roman key-2 Luxury House style structure characteristics. Glasses design clever apply geometric lines and contours, through the proportion of the outstanding balance highlights the brand sense of modern fashionable and delicate feminine. The sun glasses is smooth and natural opening structure and ingenious design ingenious interpretation of the concept of 'box box', in the round metal plane and soft plate between the cat's eye contour comparison to create a gorgeous and dazzing, made of metal mirror arm is clever decorated with refined enamel colors. This series of glasses rather indirect line is perfect embodiment of skilled manual process, the translucent color of quietly elegant the icing on the cake, for it was reminded of the beautiful image of bird of paradise flower: matte black/shiny black frame collocation dark grey mirror lenses and cream/red frame and matching the gradient lens, blue/pink picture frame with brown/gold lens, bright pink/green frame collocation dark grey mirror lens, white/silver bright white picture frame mirror lens, orange/bright pink picture frame with red glasses. Paradeyes ( FF0137 /秒) Sunglasses will in early September 2015 in the FENDI boutiques and high-end select store had sold them.
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