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2016 appearance with higher levels of 5 sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
2016 modern summer season is coming again! You the fashionable assistant - — Sunglasses, are you ready? Today small make up carefully picked paragraphs 5 2016 appearance with higher levels of five sunglasses, provide quality choice for beautiful to love you! 不。 1 GENTLE MONSTERE X KONGGENTLE MONSTERE is known as the han imperial sunglasses brands, domestic stars like jay Chou, big power power also is the brand's diehard powder. Close to GM and Korean actress hyo-jin Kong out of the joint series 'Kong x GENTLE MONSTER'. Kong hyo-jin unique color and lovely style and GENTLE MONSTER perceptual combined with completely different style. Don't don't dalai ~ really fashionable this TYPE will roll out a total of three series. TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 are already ~ TYPE 3 is round frame sunglasses is expected in May. Kong x GENTLE MONSTER TYPE 1 series of eyebrow end design draws the outline of the whole picture of the cat's eye glasses unruly spell able, both leisure and vacation are very suitable for the joker money! Small make up already pulling weeds! Wow kaka ~ NO. 2 Grey Ant MEGALAST glasses brand New York Grey Ant refuses to follow the mainstream, the traditional glasses into the new design, big play design aesthetics, focuses on the interpretation of the trend. Brand is good at traditional glasses design into the new classic, launched in 2007 the 'Status' glasses the glasses industry in the tide of large frame, other high-end brands. Grey Ant glasses are limited production, and its classic style glasses now is the European and American actress out essential item of the street. Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kanye West is brand fans! His trademark metal frame sunglasses MEGALAST series become this year the forehead hipster necessary sheet is tasted, How much color) Neutral style, strong, Oversize, lightweight, have bazoo holds design, can wear any bridge of the nose. Wu queer also has the same oh! 不。 Three House of Holland PINK PROMISEHouse of Holland is today's fashion circle hottest young Boy It brand created by Henry Holland. Sunglasses series exaggerated by the round lens model, mesh hollow out fun wacky border, and different color choices of sexy cat eye type design capture the heart of the big stars, have to attend the activities, taking snapshots when wearing it will bring you different surprise. Since its launch was Rihanna, Rita Ora two r&b diva. Poppy Delevingne On a Promise series with 'there is more too me, than meets the eye' is a lot of attitude, is not only personality and philosophy of life, to be added to powder soft framework is full of girl's elements, circular framework is added thick Hollywood breath. 不。 4 A。 D。 年代。 R MELISSA Japanese manual both in Japan and South Korea made A leap into the red sunglasses popular logo ADRS, based in Tokyo, Japan, established in 2010, A. D。 年代。 R。 English names in electronic sound set of 'ATTACK', 'DECAY' and 'SUSTAIN' and 'RELEASE' as the theme. Well-known south Korean entertainers zo in-sung, so ji sub, Jassica? 吗? 、Gary、? 下雨了。 。 。 Are all worn! Cixin Melissa standard frame restoring ancient ways is a combination of metal elements, electronic music inspired by the '60 s, key frames are made of five layers of reinforcement material for tenacity to reach full time in stark contrast to jing jade-like stone delicate picture frame. Glasses is full of full of fashionable tide restoring ancient ways design feeling, men and women are suitable for wear, let you the psychedelic throughout the year. Fashionable person in the spring breeze Xu Laizhi already saddled a! 不。 5 SUPER CLALSSIC MSUPER BY RETROSUPERFUTURE handmade from Italy, once had lit the multicolor fiber glasses boom. Brand in order to keep its characteristics and quality meticulously select the worship of the German high quality Zeiss Zeiss lenses. Excellent material fashion style is David phenomenon and Kanye West sought love! These a few sunglasses are horizontal roof, the popular pet in appearance, this year looks different from every Angle oh ~ really very cool! Like of the person hurriedly laid hands on him!
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