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2016 popular 'nerd' round glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
Round glasses in the republic of China, especially on the show 'popular', small make up is also a big fan of the play of the republic of China, of course. In the round glasses is elegant children before the love, is a representative of the intellectuals, is also a 'nerd'. But in 2016, 'nerd' round glasses seems to subvert the image, to become the current popular accessories. Sunglasses factory 703 titanium plate C1A black tide ms round box big frame glasses before my girlhood and a pair of round glasses fire, Lin and the return of the big star to follow suit 'teenager', later, various styles, all kinds of round glasses have 'come out'! Supermodel figure long fashionable, fine wear glasses after all became a scholarly family, restore ancient ways of printing and ties, I have a kind of scroll flavour sexy. Small S also don't pass fashion, wearing a pair of round framed with printed suit is like the female teacher, change the hot image in the past. Bamboo wood wild sichuan SLE10058 man glass frame gun BanJiu C5 this fine glasses, the wind restoring ancient ways is rich, the van, and if your face is like a small round, pick this round glasses will try to choose a big money! To match this year's hit turtleneck sweater is very harmonious, the entire model can give a person a kind of very comfortable feeling. Ray-ban RB6343 men 2509 black glass frame if you don't myopia, also can buy pure picture frame as an ornament, or choose color lens of sunglasses can keep up with the fashion trend. Paragraph 2016 spring come, round glasses concave shape! ! ! !
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