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2016 what are people favorite sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
Said that without the sunglasses, not fashion. Glasses, sunglasses, in numerous big star cafe is deduced, sunglasses has become an indispensable fashion item. It not only allows you to instantly turns into a handsome goddess, more important is also can a sunscreen modified face. Then what are 2016 people love sunglasses? A, myopia sunglasses sunglasses factory sunglasses YC9015 gun color men myopia sunglasses big box with prescription sunglasses in this noisy city, travel become decompression with pattern, travel artifact is myopia sunglasses, exclusive of your degree, custom clear type. Myopia glasses degree is to solve the problem, eye can let whole people aura to rise again at the same time more than one height, is myopic crowd. Second, sports sunglasses ghost elves other delectable luxuriant turned, take part in the 'running man' aura fully open, passers-by turn powder, the goddess of the predecessor Anglababy wear sunglasses for sports, you are the running of the hormone, super light non-slip, wearing comfortable, flexible and stylish! Outdoor sports by accident when visual disorders can lead to danger happening, accumulate over a long period of strong light will cause harm to the eyes. A good pair of sports sunglasses light weight and prevent slippery, comfortable wearing, movement is professional. Three, polarized sunglasses who love fashion even drive a car, also do not forget safety, style is tie-in, there would be no problem if you can do it with a polarizer, glare, miscellaneous, ultraviolet light, clear vision, restore clear vision! For driving, fishing, travel, daily wear. Four, color sunglasses show 1. 561 to grey sixth generation all uv view myopia glasses indoor and outdoor use casually, had hall, do hutch niang, used BianSeJing, office and leisure step done, indoor transparent, color, outdoor type eye protector and colorless transparent indoors, like ordinary myopic lens. In outdoor color darker, control the amount of light entering the eye, to protect sight health. Has a color sunglasses, easily cope with different light environment. Above these sunglasses are beloved by people this year, a different type is suitable for different people, concrete is suitable for what kind of sunglasses to choose according to its own characteristics and requirements. How do we choose sunglass? 1, the lens color choices, experts say, a lot of sunglasses on tags marked 1, 2, 3 classes, it is to point to the sun glasses color depth, the higher the deeper the color series, keep out sunshine, the more obvious effect. Choose sunglasses first one is to choose to suit their own color. 2, choosing sunglasses lens quality the second is to look for the lens color, after carefully check the quality of sunglasses. To check whether the lens surface is smooth, with or without warping, grinding crack, bubble, lens warp, etc. , at the same time, the lens can't be too thin, also can cause dizziness or high temperature deformation. 3, the lens material choice to choose the sun glasses three recruit is of examining material. Now make a colored glasses materials mainly include resin, PC and polarized light, such as nylon, concrete is suitable for what kind of lens according to your requirements. The above content compiled by glasses sunglasses factory network, more content to the website inquiry, website: https://www. yichao。 Cn /
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