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2017, let designer sunglasses with your wonderful 'color'!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Assembled 119 shows color rule, 2017 major brand-name sunglasses rolls out new fund, color is surprisingly jing is colourful. Pantone sunglasses color bright, each with waves of jing, as the tide bright-coloured color, new horizon between bloom eyes very happy. Janice man girl who cured color heart empty pink still in color list, for its the name of the new champions will lovely - — Light dogwood powder. Naked in the pink, charming light dogwood powder to meet girls for all sweet imagination, and Chloe peach, sweet and warm, like the sun put flowers, pure and beautiful. Dillon is hot and the modern natural color and compared the annual grass green color, it is more to return uncut jade to put in true affinity with feelings, 2017 fashion colour strength on the list - — Kale is green. Private collard green, a intellectual restoring ancient ways more than grass green and the G - Star Raw tarmac tonal darker colors can show different style, more let a bit rebellious handsome neutral flavor. Li Shanbin beautiful fashionable color never miss the tide stage, it is still light fashionable this year, with a passion with some bright colors - — Flame red. Mysterious flame red, is suitable for the winter, the MCM with sunglasses for this red fire golden baroque wind, flooded with elegant in the wild, instantly improve degree of enthusiasm, make you unique modern fine! Pop is an ongoing challenge, fashionable, there is no end. 2017, let designer sunglasses take you good out of the 'color'! This article from the Chinese glasses net, slightly deleted, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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