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2017 popular sunglasses first to know, want to fashionable going ahead!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
Sunglasses as a fashion item is not only a street concave shape of the product and is the star of people's essential equipment fashionable elements are derived sunglasses also in unceasing renovation as sunglasses lovers surely will want to know about the trends in 2017 then open our fashion tour ~! In the early 2017 S/S South Korea last year fashion week models wearing clothing will no doubt is this year popular elements exposed column 【 Geometric printing 】 Since last year, the geometric prints by small scale, the use of small but the designer, this year will be grandiose, spread to the whole body using the geometry significantly printing design design dazzling, but it's not hard to see even if no hinder a minimalist sunglasses to suppress full 【 Restore ancient ways round mirror 】 ( D6364, M。 BU) Is to restore ancient ways round mirror feeling and don't give up flying lens design feeling so the combination of the two must touch the sparks of wonderful 2017, the new sunglasses with a reflective coating in restoring ancient ways elements into the design of fashion fine box has revealed the delicate sense of reinforcement liang is the characteristic of goggles, after fusion the round box of new taste, reveal fashionable color 【 Monochrome minimalist 】 Why these color good-looking launched this year, again: first to see the pink, pale dogwood powder are peace and light pink clothes people feel comfortable feel pure this kind of color is so popular in the field of sunglasses out a piece of heaven and earth, D6409 P - M。 P) 【 The combination of the cat's eye with round mirror 】 Both want more halfback modelling, and more all the feelings restoring ancient ways we advise cat's unique style restoring ancient ways of modelling can modify the hand face 2017 most popular trend is to put the cat's eye picture frame shape and round lens together to face less demanding better manage this way, create pure and fresh nature of the cat's eye sunglasses light dogwood powder mass-tone together with the metal line is the perfect accompaniment to exaggerated but not flashy, carry bright face whole line makes the sunglasses look young girl flavour is dye-in-the-wood, popular element is still restore ancient ways round mirror in power in 2017 but the characteristics of the economy is in the cat's eye of its not pick face, will be a large powder industrial articles from atlas, a slightly modified, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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