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2018 luxury fashion glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
Milan international glasses exhibition (2018) has just held soon, a big wave glasses trend once again maxed out everyone's attention, all kinds of fashion luxury glasses to show you the 2018 personality charm! 工作室施华洛世奇EYEWEARSK0164 - P this frame using the Pointiage exclusive swarovski crystal technology, will be manual Mosaic of acetate in the eyebrow beam show that joker beige and brilliant blue reinforce design of fashion and luxury gravity. ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA EYEWEAREZ0105 titanium Panto collocation broad outline, former box decorated with hexagonal metal decorations, with build the bridge of the nose at the top of the camel color, more show unique design. EZ0102 this glasses and sharp fruity modelling, cover with logo and camel color details adorn, the bold coloring provides from pure color to transparent color the broader range of choice. GUESS EYEWEARGU7559 large outline of dress sunglasses style, collocation of lightweight flat metal frames, fruity modelling with details in the former triangle frame on both sides, gradient mirror slice to create fashionable style. Recommended language read: 2018 are you ready for a new pair of sunglasses GU5201 founder contour match build metal frames and minimalist design, has created the neutral sunglasses. Reflective effect is the highlight of this series is the most unique, mirror legs of the triangle hollow out the details more can reveal the identity of the brand. SWAROVSKI EYEWEARSK0173SK0173 is specially designed for people who want to improve charm of a sunglasses, oversize frames and modelling of the cat's eye, make an outline of the avant-garde. SK5268SK5268 style is the highlight of the series, the cat's eye design collocation of slender significant crystal adornment as the ornament, fashion and luxury lineup. TOMFORD EYEWEARTF618 founder acetate models, will widen the box bottom half, before restoring ancient ways with modern technique to reinterpret the classic. TF630 menswear surround type of cellulose acetate frames, and former box clear identification of the 'T' word, classic to deduce. See if the above fashion luxury glasses feel low burst! Hurriedly in 2018 good spring scenery of a wet glasses!
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