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2018, Santa Monica break glasses fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Europe and America's style has been our yearning for the trend of the trend, the supplement of dress like a seemingly choice, many fashion supplement, however, is not literally can be easily applied, a bit not pay attention to the case is likely to become a failure, but there is a trend of it is easy to catch up with - — Glasses, it not only can improve your fashion degree immediately, will be let you temperament is ever-changing tide sheet is tasted. Recommended reading: PEGASI glasses, open intelligent sleep blank market breakthrough self, to break the shackles of boring if fashion accessories industry also have Oscar, then glasses and sunglasses is definitely the favourite candidate for the award for best quality. For women, with glasses blessing, at ordinary times the ordinary dress up, also can quickly become brilliant, even without makeup, no makeup awkward. And for men, glasses is 'su' plus a generator, a pair of glasses can be simple, to the competent business elite, temperament senior, wet blasting switch freely in the street fashion icon status. As has been emphasized to break the frame boundary of Santa Monica, want to go to convey 'in insist on self and continuously break through the boundaries of self' concept, with the leisure, restore ancient ways, nostalgia, tide restoring ancient ways, flying style, modern style, make all sorts of modelling of radiant with not the same as you, don't let people seeing himself as trapped inside a kind of style, and to find themselves more likely changed temperament. Agitation restoring ancient ways, is not equal to blindly copy the classic trend is always in the reciprocating cycle, it also shows us the beauty of miss, and the Santa Monica is agitation restoring ancient ways of miss into reality, like acme of restoring ancient ways will have fun in the garage, but agitation restoring ancient ways is always bring something new; In Santa Monica California series, therefore, is in the retro glasses into the connotation of modern technology. Both fashion and comfort, a robust, lightweight material after 5 times in fine grinding process can be assembled by hand, using the CNC computer numerical control technology, make glasses every part of cohesion and fit is more accurate and perfect, comfortable stereo design also let bridge of the nose glasses more relevant facial contour. Therefore, in the old classical and modern fashionable collide with each other, constantly evolving and induced the birth of traditional classical and modern fashion glasses, look, Santa Monica, California ( SMC) The correct use of the series is the continuation of the classic. Monsoon series stainless steel circular frame match on the cat's eye lens, let whole looks more a sense of design, the plating color lenses exaggerated fashion, traditional and non-traditional collision, on the glasses of the perfect harmony, classical and fashionable hold our attention. Tornado series of the classic three beam pilot, unique design with the nose flavour is dye-in-the-wood the cat's eye piece of type restoring ancient ways, different color water mirror coating lenses, filled with strong sense of cool, can be said to be the fashionable and modern cool restoring ancient ways both. Glare series as the cat's eye glasses has been the wind restoring ancient ways, slightly raise the picture frame Angle, in the face of an ascending gives on the vision at the same time, also can reveal charm and elegance, mix on modern hollow metal elements, delicate and special, wear a smooth add a few minutes of ambition and cool. At the same time, the Santa Monica's products and the highest meaning of the circular - — Circulation is trend is the green revolution. Brand 'To The Earth To The Earth' as The design concept, with solar, wind and tidal design inspiration, To project into The glasses type circle smooth curve, The cool color lenses, and The decorative pattern of acetate fiber elements, such as fashion hats off To The beauty of nature. Both breakthrough self concept and trend of circulation, in the face of different shapes, a variety of supplement, Santa Monica there is always a can satisfy your heart changed.
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