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3 d printing MOOD sunglasses take you into 'music visual experience'

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
Foreign a lot of great music is written under the influence of the medicine, but this does not mean that you want to use drugs to inspiration. A student from Hungary Bence Agoston have come up with a more safe and feasible alternative, let's hallucinating wonders - when listening to music - - - - 3 d printing the MOOD of the sun glasses. Bence Agoston design is one of the important one, he created these cool glasses is one of his design project. He said: 'the MOOD is designed to let people completely into the experience of listening to music. 'It can be generated according to the music the illusion of any given a visual effect to feel. 'So how do they use? It looks stylish pair of glasses is made up of 3 d printing framework, its quality of material is a hard ABS, it allows you to insert 6 different pattern of the lens ( Is all clear, uv protection) 。 All of the lens can be stratified in various ways. Each lens have different moire patterns, with its unique way of collocation is green, red or blue light. All the lens also can rotate freely and get a different effect. Because each lens selection of each color in different ways, Or left blank area) , the transformation of ensure the effect of the endless changes in the psychedelic experience. 'For the user, to the ideal state is on the road, when people listen to music, looking out the window, watching the changing landscape, the perfect fusion' with music Bence Agoston said, 'these designs on the lens is transparent, and the red, green and blue of the RGB color code, these patterns can overlap each other, can also be left blank part, show the new vision is totally random and distorted. 'No doubt, these glasses itself that which is cool, will be suitable for some face. 'The design of the shape is simple and special' designers added. Fortunately, these can also be used with the framework of 3 d printing clear lenses, all day because you can't appear illusion and stumbled. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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