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3 tons of Vietnamese HDPE mixed particles tried to enter the country and were seized by Xiamen Customs--Acrylic Lens Factory

by:Eugenia     2022-01-11
On October 16, a Xiamen Industrial Co., Ltd. declared to Xiamen Customs that it imported 24 tons of 'HDPE Re-PelletizationDuring the preliminary inspection process, the customs officer found that the cargo at the front of the container was short cylindrical cut particles, and the color and specifications were basically the same as the declared information. However, as the inspection process progressed, the customs officer discovered that the cargo was found in 4 tonnage bags on the rear of the container. The gray-blue and gray-violet mixed particles have relatively large solid waste characteristics. The on-site customs officer immediately contacted a professional organization for solid waste attribute identification. 3 tons of Vietnamese “HDPE mixed particles” tried to enter the country and were seized by Xiamen Customs. It was identified that the 3 tons of “HDPE re-pelletizing” from Vietnam was an abnormal product or mixture produced during the production process, and its quality did not meet the requirements of plastic resin products. The relevant standards and norms are classified as my country’s restricted imports of solid waste. At present, the goods have been transferred to the anti-smuggling department for further processing. Keywords: Acrylic Lens Factory
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