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'3 without' product of sunglasses may be stabbed eyes

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Sorching summer, in order to keep out sunshine, dazzling most citizens travel will choose to wear fashionable sunglasses. Inferior sunglasses up less than the effect of uv protection, not only can damage the eyes, even more serious can cause headache, dizziness.
it is understood that since the summer, sunglasses sales also increasingly popular. All kinds of shops are selling various styles of sunglasses, the price also from ten yuan to thousands of yuan. In regular glasses shop, selling sun glasses all detail clearly indicate the manufacturer's name, address, telephone number and the function of the glasses, material information, etc. However the shop selling sun glasses have only one price, what information all have no. Many consumers also tend to notice when the choose and buy is beautiful, but do not care about the quality of the lens itself.
introduce according to professional glasses, sunglasses can block ultraviolet light, because the lens and add a layer of special coating, cheap sunglasses just add some color coating in the lens. Most of the lenses that sells on the market now is a resin material, inferior sunglasses are made of plastic material. Wearing inferior sunglasses like in dark environment light, the pupil will enlarge, the remnants of uv light into the eye, make the eye damage. Serious can cause headache, dizziness. Professional reminds, when consumer is bought must be regular glasses store to purchase, and look for the & # 8220; QS” Identification and production licenses.
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