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42-year-old Huang Xiaoming is no longer greasy! Wearing denim clothes and metal glasses, the whole face is gentle and fresh

by:Eugenia     2022-05-03
'Juvenile feeling' is the best compliment to a man, and 'greasy' is the worst evaluation of a man, especially a middle-aged man. Speaking of greasy men, the most 'famous' in the entertainment industry are probably Huang Xiaoming, Yang Shuo, and Zhou Yiwei! Some netizens also distinguished the greasiness of the three of them! Seeing the greasy comparison of these three, do you find that Huang Xiaoming's greasiness is relatively better? In addition to these three, Chen Sicheng, Xue Zhiqian, Zhang Jie, Yang Yang... have also been complained by netizens for being too greasy. The greasiness of a man starts from when he thinks he is handsome and starts to play handsome indefinitely. Huang Xiaoming was the first to be handsome and became greasy, so he became 'the greasy man among the male stars' by the majority of netizens! Huang Xiaoming, an overbearing president who is infinitely greasy: Biubiu, have you received my kiss? Shooting commercials, all kinds of eyebrow winking, and incomprehensible poses once made countless netizens want to suck him up through the screen! And while Yang Shuo was still greasy, 42-year-old Huang Xiaoming started to stop greasy! Whether it's acting or dressing, Sung Dongqing is refreshed back then! 'Heroes of Fire' starring Du Jiang, Tan Zhuo and other stars has received unanimous praise from many audiences before it was released! But the audience who clicked and watched his performance in the film all said, 'Never say Huang Xiaoming is greasy anymore'! To be honest, just looking at Huang Xiaoming's animation can follow his emotions. Now Huang Xiaoming's acting is no longer deliberately acting handsome, and the role is no longer an overbearing president with a screen full of greasy feeling. Even the fashion blockbusters are also full of high-end cool style! It is more obvious in his outfits, especially the private clothes in 'Chinese Restaurant 3'. The freshness and handsomeness are well received by netizens! He is wearing denim clothes, matching gray sweaters, striped color-blocking sports pants, and metal flat glasses. His whole face is obviously gentle and fresh! With the blessing of these glasses, he exudes a fresh and youthful sense of 360 degrees! It's not greasy, and it doesn't look like a 42-year-old person at all! Look at what netizens say about his outfit. It seems that middle-aged men must wear more light-colored casual clothes, in addition to wearing metal framed eyes! ?Dark clothes are also available, as long as the style is right! Huang Xiaoming is wearing a short denim jacket, matching a blue and pink striped shirt, and retro straight-leg jeans, with a retro look of the 1980s and 90s! Workwear-style jumpsuits are the most attractive item for age reduction! Huang Xiaoming is wearing a color-blocking short-sleeved jumpsuit with a brown belt, she still has a youthful look! Blue-gray denim overalls, with brown woven belt, handsome and stylish, but also very young! Seeing Huang Xiaoming now, whether it is acting or dressing, do you think he has got rid of the greasiness? (The text of this article is original, the pictures are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)]article_adlist-->
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