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5 anniversary are released new signed a series of glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Are a new joint series, the mirror are comes from the street shops in Moscow, was founded in 2011, are the store by introducing overseas military, tooling and other styles of brand in Moscow local favor among young people. Are always affection for Japanese brand, has more cooperation with WTAPS designer xishan toru new exhibitions 'MY IDENTIFICATION'. To celebrate 5 anniversary of the founding, and are also special to NEIGHBORHOOD, Native Sons and Magical Design the three Japanese brands don't note sheet is tasted, creating a series of T - whether it is a long sleeve of printing Tshirt, transparent glass frame, sunglasses or a joss stick seat, all sincerity. In addition, the are also held on September 24, are EXPO 'activities. It is reported, are brought us a joint series also synchronization in the day. This article from the perfect glasses, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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