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5 sunglasses match strategy

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
Although sunglasses can shade sunscreen, can modify the face, but want to be star fan, a big bowl of fashion, also need to master certain sunglasses match strategy. Different shaped sunglasses, however, show a different style, different levels of decoration effect, we should be how to match? 1, the sharp edges of sunglasses sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C2 grind arenaceous black/dazzle colour blue outline hale and bright shades can easily make you special. But beware, facial lines angular people are not suitable for this kind of sunglasses. Can let a person look too strong. Many people think that such glasses must match the locomotive coat this kind of neutral and cool feeling is dressed up, actually otherwise, select the appropriate color also can match the modelling of woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood. 2, restore ancient ways round frame sunglasses laybourne RB3532 men sunglasses many people think of circular 001/68 gold frame sunglasses too dramatic, actually choose to suit oneself face size can also be very smart. This type of sunglasses are well suited for facial lines clear, is also the easiest way to create 'hand face artifact. Circular frame sunglasses fit in literature and art, pure and fresh, casual clothes, of course, no problem. 3. Retro classic half frame sunglasses laybourne RB3016 1145/19 men sunglasses as sunglasses higher-ups, Ray - Ban had many classic sunglasses, and one of the classic half frame sunglasses is a very popular with the young girl. This shape of sunglasses for facial lines clear, the style that restore ancient ways to cater to the retro upsurge of this one season, half box design gives the sunglasses unique position, also let wear has become more diverse. 4. 'Cat's eye' shape shape of sunglasses on the cat's eye sunglasses women are full of self-confidence, it's like a magic in general. Shape of this kind of sunglasses is very sexy charm, of course, depending on the collocation can also be a playful look. 5. 'the pilot sunglasses sewn into it, the classic of this classic. If you want to find a star match with money, almost all of the stars have such a sunglasses. The 90 s retro sunglasses just like a little black dress, no matter what match it won't go wrong. , of course, I am used to supplement the sunglasses when wearing a leisure, this will make the model more fashionable and not sloppy. Matching strategy is more than 5 sunglasses, if you still want to know more sunglasses tie-in skill, please see the following relevant recommendations: ( There are links) Europe and the United States actress sunglasses with a hair and sunglasses with coup star street color sunglasses match deduce the trend
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