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50 degrees to 500 degrees? Parents angrily sought an explanation from the optical shop, the optical shop: the degree is normal-Common Sense of Glasses-Business News-

by:Eugenia     2022-05-03
Adolescents’ myopia is developing at a younger age. This is something that everyone sees, and many parents feel very distressed about it. Once a child has myopia, the best solution is to wear myopia glasses. Everyone knows that the purpose of wearing glasses is to prevent the degree from rising. However, after Mr. Wang gave the child glasses, the child’s myopia suddenly deepened in half a year. 125 degrees. What is going on here? Mr. Wang said that after he gave the child the glasses, the child always said that things were blurred. Mr. Wang didn't check the matter for half a year. Until recently, he took the child's eyes and wore them for a while and found the problem. It turned out that the original 50 degrees became 500 degrees. The ten times difference in the lens power made Mr. Wang feel the child's doubts at once. Mr. Wang’s son was on the first day of junior high this year. Last semester, Mr. Wang took his son to the Dahua Optical Store to get glasses. After optometry, he found that his left eye was 375 degrees and his right eye was 50 degrees. When wearing glasses, my son often said that his right eye saw something blurry. Mr. Wang thought it was because his son was unaccustomed to wearing glasses and he didn’t care. However, by chance this semester, Mr. Wang found something wrong after putting on the glasses by himself. The optical shop re-tested the child's vision. This test frightened Mr. Wang. The vision of his son's right eye suddenly deepened by 125 degrees. Mr. Wang’s son has no problem with his left eye at 375 degrees, but his right eye is clearly myopia at 50 degrees. How can he be equipped with a 500-degree lens? The reporter accompanied Mr. Wang to the optical shop to understand the situation. The person in charge of the optical shop admitted that there was an error in the degree of the lens, but the child had no problem with the fundus. It is not impossible for the degree of the right eye to deepen by 125 degrees within half a year. The person in charge said that if Mr. Wang feels in doubt, he can go to the Chinese Medicine Hospital for examination first. According to the person in charge, even if the child’s nearsightedness is equipped with glasses of several thousand dollars, the degree of increase is inevitable. Due to the negligence of the optical shop, the child’s eyesight deepened. Mr. Wang questioned the professionalism of the optical shop. The two sides argued over the issue because he did not know much about myopia. The child’s degree in one semester Deepened by more than 100 degrees, Mr. Wang even worried that the child might have other problems with his eyes. However, the person in charge told Mr. Wang that it is normal for the child to deepen his degree during the learning process. Under the coordination of the reporter, the owner of the optical shop also realized his problem. After asking the clerk, the truth was that the clerk filled in the visual acuity of the left and right eyes on the form after checking the eyesight of Mr. Wang’s child. Because the data filled in was not clear enough, 50 was mistaken for 500 when the form reached the optometrist. The optometrist directly fitted Mr. Wang’s son’s right eye with a 500-degree lens without confirmation. The error started here. . In the process of solving the problem, the owner of the optical shop admitted that his employee had made a mistake. At the scene, the person in charge said that he would replace a pair of more than 1,000 lenses for Mr. Wang’s son for free, and the vision test would also be appointed by Mr. Wang. The hospital proceeded. In this regard, Mr. Wang agreed. Ocular myopia affects our future lives in many ways. Parents should know about scientific eye and scientific eye care. On this basis, parents and teachers should also actively infuse their children with the importance of eye care. In this matter, if the business had been more professional and responsible at the beginning, I believe that such low-level mistakes would not happen. What do you guys say?
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