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6 and myopia sunglasses to incurable diseases

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Midsummer just follow may beat in silhouette, bright sun spare no effort to test the love of beauty, in the outdoor living beings. You wish to store had ransacked the sunglasses, but eventually is found that a wave of pain, has been refused, because they only: nearly! See! Myopia is not a sin, we have to store had often they chose the myopia sun glasses, also have cool sense, delivery is also fast. But, they are not only close! See! They also pick! Pick out! Is not this into the clear, that is the completely right. Myopia people myopia sunglasses personalization, pettigrew moon set up for you a piece of business: sunglasses to frame processing. Specialized in all kinds of picky, all kinds of incurable diseases. 1. High degree of myopia sunglasses hyperopia, highly myopia and astigmatism, need to upgrade to garage lens optical scope: + 3. 00 ~ - 8. 00 / - 4. 00; Order to frame laws: the lens bending + joint luminosity 1200 degrees or less ultrahigh photometric choose mirror tip: base bending of 400 or less curved, box type is smaller. 2. High refractive index myopia sunglasses now piece normally only meet regular. Low refractive index with slightly higher degrees, can cause the lens thicker, beautiful degree sell at a discount greatly. Pettigrew mingyue garage to provide: 1. Spherical, 1, 552. 56 super toughening spherical, 1. 60 spherical, 1. 67 spherical 4 kinds of refractive index, index of refraction to choose the right, even if united luminosity of 1000 degrees, the effect is meimei dalai. 3. Polarizing sunglasses driving, fishing, golf gens myopic crowd, wearing sunglasses must be polarized drops, can make the vision clear natural, make the scenery looks soft and not dazzling. Bright moon polarizing film containing pettit adopts imported from Japan, longer service life and good filter effect. In the condition of high temperature is not easy to crack. Optional refractive index: 1. 552 optional polarization color: panchromatic polarization - — All gray polarized, total tea polarization, total green polarization polarization - — Orange colour polarized light, the blue colour polarization, blue colour polarization, smoke purple colour polarization, green colour polarized light, the orange colour polarization, silvery white colorful polarizing 4. Progressive myopia sunglasses color if only consider the pandemic is discus mercury film, then you will be out. Across the classic and youth, fashion and personality, set, say is beloved, see flowers bloom gradual color. We leave dim sum is not hard to find in recent years popular, best-selling sunglasses, matching the original lens, more than 50% are gradual color. Hot, how to play a gradual color this card? On the principle of gradual color is dyed the present the effect of deep under shallow, make the lens color rich administrative levels feels, whole person looks relaxed, a low profile. To do sunglasses as-received gradual color, or astigmatism do gradual color demand, professional custom of moon garage can easy match. Optional gradual color: gradual gray, gradual tan, gradual green, gradual, progressive purple, gradual red wine red, ruby red 5 gradually. According to the sample dyeing myopia sunglasses every company myopia sunglasses color board is limited, the same color, will be slightly different between different companies. And pay attention to consumers, hoping to do with the glass of the same color. At this point, you need to choose: according to the sample dyeing. Optional according to the sample dyeing range: all dyeing, dyeing steps not selected according to the sample range: 7 colour, polarized 6. Heart beauty thin myopia sunglasses garage custom technology advantage is that the high luminosity of the lens can be beauty thin, automatic conversion beauty thin area by the free-form surface equipment, high degree of beauty thin can amount to 50%, effectively reduce vision blind area at the same time, the beautiful, light and comfortable to wear. Move is aimed at small distance, big picture frame can't assembly problems, combined with the picture frame size, through the garage custom form move the lens optical center, so as to achieve both can assemble, and does not affect the effect of the optical properties. So, when we meet with pd is small, and not enough picture frame size and assembly of the order, the bright moon garage custom with strong move heart function above concerns can be swept away. From sunglasses to upgrade for myopia sunglasses already is the trend of The Times, but we are in the actual operation, to meet upon various cannot operation, when general piece, is unable to solve, must depend on garage customized professional strength, bright moon pettigrew, professional sunglasses solutions provider, myopia sunglasses to frame processing so easy. Have myopia sunglasses garage customized programs are eligible to the world. The six recruit enough to play this summer, you become strong global marketer myopia sunglasses!
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