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6 kinds of sunglasses style who you love

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
All hours of the words in the pursuit of fashion fashion fashion, want high street turns head, taking snapshots to onlookers, good method is to choose a suitable for his style of mirror ink, but sunglasses style so much, are divided into what style? Style 1: literature and art and pure and fresh and as a literary fan equipment restoring ancient ways, this kind of color lens as if specially made for the summer. Although the lens clear seems can only be used for concave shape, actually can effectively resist ultraviolet ray, and style very joker. Fangyuan lenses did have marked in the nose of cutting design, than in the great gatsby 'very pick the small round black lens face practical oh. No wonder men of god goddess all at hit money also want to bask in the sun. Li xiaolu take sun it is poking girl heart peach pink, feel wearing this even to eliminate the cheek is red, very smart and joker. Flash is the light yellow color, Big Bang members gd and Top are worn on the stage. Li yi feng also worn at the airport, in fact, the yellow in daily outdoor looks like this color. Fengfeng tie-in white shirt sweater, suddenly have one share the temperament of literary youth. Style 2: gorgeous retro personality ray-ban RB3532 men sunglasses gold 001/68 round lens very pick people, but the wear is very eye-catching. Circular frame sunglasses, restoring ancient ways with gorgeous Gatsby era and restore ancient ways, has been the star of personality to restore ancient ways. Representatives of sweet elder sister xu also often wear round glasses in the variety show, ultra-high one proves the enthusiasm for the sunglasses. Style 3: elves general charming is spruce amorous feelings 'mirror glass and decorative metal framework', it's full of design feeling, the global influential Asian bloggers Aimee Song burned it many times and visible degree of deep love! Cat's eye sunglasses in the corner up design exaggerated appearing sexy, agile line but a sense of buildings, able to bear or endure look and high-end. Modern 'heaven' small song jia, clean hair with this some nifty sunglasses, fashionable and clever. Style 4: personality goddess van creative lens more and more, in addition to the pentagon, hexagon, and so on are derived from the shape on the geometry of cutting, Dior a 2016 summer 'stitching' sunglasses are popular, too. Classic aviator sunglasses ultra-fine mirror arm design collocation, mirror 'thick stripe' perfect echo Dior fashion stripe element of the season, belongs to the classic modern transformation. Pilots in the eyes and the double-breasted trench coat is a classic combination, l will be a neutral goddess is wearing sunglasses with aura. No Dan king wear this it a Cool Girl temperament. Golden frame and silver mirror design is a joker, no matter what the color of clothing can Hold. Style 5: classical joker ray-ban RB3025 unisex sunglass 001/58 and a deduction of the pilot sunglasses are often stars is a VB family. Classic way of ray ban 3025 aviator sunglasses, not fashionable handsome is a classic style. The pilot sunglasses very joker, classic style, full UV protection and the design of color mirror also favored by the goddess's preference. Has just been released and wal lin2 xin such as romance, was this sunglasses fans, without makeup to match sunglasses so confident. Goddess of fan bingbing, skillfully use sunglasses color tie-in dress, the color only skin white lips can hold. Big picture frame style 6: aura queen rough resin has been a Girl all are used to modify the strength of the face sheet is tasted, and immediately become atmosphere rocks, confident after wearing full frame. Resin skin contact feeling is very good also, cool and refreshing and not easy to have indentation. The silk by resin glasses is summer sunglasses! Celine this gradient lens resin glasses, special point is that along the level of design, is quite a retro. This money on goddess 巩俐戴, smile and enjoy the fans surrounded, as if with aura behind! Above is the small make up of summary of sunglasses styles, sunglasses style is varied, of course, the above content is only part of the small make up summarization, more information technology continue to focus on sunglasses glasses factory network.
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