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6 star brand sunglass is worth

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Mention stars are fashion halo, we think of mentioned sunglasses are high pretend bility artifact, we think of as mentioned stars and sunglasses? What do you think that there is no doubt that it must be near fire don't don't of song joong ki Obama! ! ! ! Song joong ki uniform in the descent of the sun, wearing ray-ban sunglasses picture when it comes to how many girls, make people dump! Actually sunglasses in addition to Ray - star model Ban and Gentle monster, Grey Ant, such as brand, they are also highly stars and fashion bloggers like sunglasses, let's learn together! 1,雷- Ban ray-ban RB3025 gold box blackish green piece of 001/58 polarization fashion sunglasses ray Ban metal big yards was founded in 1930 the United States, is specially designed for air force pilot special, both of the two elements of fashion and practical! Not only is seen as a celebrity in Hollywood joker, but many young people's fashion must-have item, it's Aviator, Wayfarer also all is the classic. For decades, both in quality and affordable brand will the sunglasses, but the ray-ban sunglasses industry status is unshakable. 2, Gentle monster brand have big this year heat, have been a favourite stars! From South Korea domestic brand of sunglasses, on the basis of 'experience', a collection of products, space, style, culture, science and technology the five areas, to convey to the world surprises and echocardiography. Since the year before you fire from the stars, and the quan zhixian, wear after GM sunglasses, the GM of wind blowing, blowing has yet to dissipate. V shape of the logo design unique trendy, it is no wonder that are popular with many stars and hipster! All kinds of China and South Korea have sunken modelling Obama! Star airport fashion must-have ever! 3, Karen walker New Zealand designer Karen walker, founded by individuals of the same name brand, alternative to teenagers as a design inspiration, successfully break the fashionable and street, luxury and plain, composed and the boundaries between super cute. Brand creation, though only a short span of twenty years, but with its unique exaggerated style attracted a large number of young people's favorite. Avant-garde fashion and classics, and different from general of classic, it's dark glasses street rocks, and it's arrow is also very popular, tide people must know and don't miss it. 4, Grey Ant a designer from New York, is quite popular with stars oh, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West have sat down at the foot of it. It does not follow the mainstream, consistent with concise and agile, clean decisively, unique forthright and sincere, don't dye dust neutral style, show their own unique charm. Big box wayfarer and geometrical frame is its home selling style, full of sense of the future but do not break again classic, swashbuckling, therefore necessary to become many stars out of the street. 5, not the kui is a classic, the classic DiorChristian Dior launched So Real is the year before at fashion week shows the crispy Fried chicken in the outside street snap, is still hot, each site sold out of stock that is the norm. Fashionable retro models in Dior series is not common in the past, adopt advanced design without the bridge, the integration of the avant-garde and elements of black lens with restoring ancient ways design feels dye-in-the-wood is novel and skillfully shows the framework of the wearer's glamour, are popular with all the stars. 6, Victoria phenomenon London famous brand Victoria phenomenon associated with putting the relationship, and because of this association, let Victoria phenomenon brand a listed by the public. Victoria I love fashion, and follow by many people. Style also continue the idea of putting their house, to simplify the design element, color, material to the extent of the less, as well as the high requirement of the simple sense of color, material, simple and have good taste, more with less, to JianSheng numerous, this is its uniqueness. These sunglasses look good, nature also attracted a large number of stars to follow. Like Chiara Ferragni, Kendall Jenner and so on. Want to fashion, want to high-profile paragraphs choose star sunglasses! ! ! !
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