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80 - year - old grandma 'billiards' convex glass playing billiards still

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
In jilin changchun side of the table in a billiards club, Feng Huageng lady dressed in suits, often wearing a reading glasses, play billiards rhythm, and no man can't see is a s the old man, still charming. She was a frequent visitor to the billiards club, nicknamed 'grandma'. 80 - year - old grandma 'billiards' wearing convex glass serious play billiards secondary school, aunt 'feng' is the original city experimental middle school volleyball team players, in geological prospecting design institute of sinopec trade union work, after work has been keen on sports. After his retirement in 1999 specializing in table tennis training, has been playing in spring city green garden street community center, a year the four seasons come rain or shine. 'Feng aunt' started in billiards in eight years ago, since then. Now she often wore a convex glass appear in billiard activities. In her own words: 'I am a guy I do! Who said billiards is the patent of young, the elderly can play, but also can play very well. 'Feng aunt' in changchun city in August 2009 the first old games billiards game second good result achieved. Later, she successively in the provinces and cities elderly billiards game with a lot of MEDALS. In 2011, she also won the billiards national secondary judge card project. Two 'four eyes' communication skill now aunt 'feng', except Sunday every week, every day to play billiards. Although eyes are spent, but the love of the billiards to grow, and 'feng aunt' play billiards professional degree is high. She is still in spring city street community center for a billiards free classes teach everyone to play billiards. 'Feng aunt' now took six disciple, age 70 years old, 19 years old. Von woman wearing a convex glass free teach students to play, very serious 'feng aunt' wear a suit, red wine glasses spirited time is long, 'feng aunt' form a good habit, to play before, should be put on a suit. Billiards is an elegant sport, can cultivate one's morality raises a gender. 'Feng aunt' also encourage those who retired at home to break the traditional ideas, don't always put yourself in the home, when you are out of their homes to take part in social sports, you'll find that your life will be more wonderful! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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