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A Bathing Ape new joint 'Mercury' series of mirror

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
A Bathing Ape new joint 'Mercury' series of mirror, A Bathing Ape, also known as Bape, comes from the Japanese beer in fashion brand, the brand was founded in November 1993 by NIGO. Bape can quickly in Japan, and even the whole world are two causes of limited and joint. Recommended reading: tide sunglasses how to choose? A Bathing Ape is the sign of the crossover concept to acme brand, partners from clothing brand to household products, from Pepsi to CHANEL, Bape conducted joint cooperation with hundreds of brands and artists, the Bape broaden the reach has played A vital role. In addition, the number of each product is strictly control the Bape, builds a strong sense of scarce in the market. Recently, A Bathing Ape and also from Japan famous bags manufacturers Porter new cooperation. They brought us together a joint called 'Mercury' sunglasses lens. The designer from Mercury ( Mercury) To obtain the design inspiration, will be popular in the 1990 s Japan khaki into the lens, then supplemented by A Bathing Ape trademark ape-man avatar, in respect of picture frame designers chose high quality black acetate materials for production, and in its leg and frame joined A Bathing Ape classic camouflage element and meteor Logo, finally by its leg inside A Bathing Ape and Porter brand Logo, both show the identity of the joint. In addition, A Bathing Ape with Porter also jointly for the mirror with A cloth to receive bag, which mirror the specific release information hasn't released, interested friends may wish to keep an eye on our subsequent reports.
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