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A Bathing Ape qiu dong series mirror new Lookbook

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Founded in November 1993 by NIGO trend of Japanese beer brand A Bathing Ape, before the cooperation with famous Japanese bags manufacturer Porter paragraphs to give us A summer joint mirror, after just A week after A Bathing Ape and brought the brand-new qiu dong series mirror. This time, A Bathing Ape in order to better demonstrate the series mirror to us also specially prepared A set of Lookbook. Here are the small make up to detailed introduces for you. The brand was established early, mainly in producing T - Tshirt is given priority to, the number of each launch only rarely, and most are only for dress circle of friends. Then a chance level Japanese pop star takuya kimura wearing a Bape T - Tshirt appeared in the advertisement, let the brand, made her a star. Since then, including designer noguchi strong force in both hands, A Bathing Ape popularity soared in Japan, and takuya kimura in A number of the body, they make the street brand exploded in Japan, became the most successful in harajuku fashion brand. Recommended reading: mirror sunglasses is so beautiful! After the popular in Japan, A Bathing Ape began to develop the market in the whole world, and by including the American rapper Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and others. Now A Bathing Ape in London, New York, Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore respectively opened A store, have attracted A large number of fans all over the world. In the new qiu dong series in the mirror, the designer USES extremely street design style, will be A Bathing Ape the iconic camouflage element, ape-man avatar and meteor elements into the frame, and provides with camouflage element decorative mirror legs with purple, black, red and transparent color choices, followed by black and tortoise shell two tone to present, finally carry on the glorious sun lenses and flat lenses, as A whole will restore ancient ways, street and modern perfect combination. Sunglasses factory, 6083 men and women general sunglasses C3 transparent/dazzle colour blue, A Bathing Ape bring us this new of qiu dong series mirror will be officially on its designated retailers in recent sale, interested friends then don't miss oh.
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