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A brief frame glasses show

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
A few days ago, a brief and wal photo and fire a handful of Hokkaido, two male god in ice and snow for a famous fashion magazine photo, was overed all let girls handsome to want to cry! The eyes, the hair, the clothes are incomparable beauty! Small make up also is 'free and unfettered brother' iron powder, combing out the facts he found that only a brief and frame glasses loyal fans, let's look at a brief frame glasses show together! Sheet metal mirror legs and frame collocation show intelligent trend wood rough frame of the glasses to brief the composition of a simple and honest mature black-rimmed glasses is always the same, the trend of young niche of the depth of love to give a brief metal round glasses age reflect incisively and vividly small glasses looks very professional, rational oh glass frame is joker, can be deep and mature, tide restoring ancient ways, can also recommend a glass frame: cute new sagawa fujii high-end plank of wood of myopia glasses 7441 men and women dc01 dark sunglasses factory 9812 c2 black box and white legs retro black box frames plank myopia frame burberry B2199 - F men glass frame 3002 tortoise ray-ban RB6343 man glass frame 2509 black
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