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A brief interpretation of the unique charm of MCM glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Recently, the mainland artists actor their arrival on the male fashion publication L 'officiel Hommes, the 6 issue of the journal of MCM and worn glasses took a group of large, he with its own unique charm and perfect deduce MCM brand of natural and unrestrained feelings. So the arrival of a trance of 11 years ago to make 'xianjian biography of wonder in the picturesque beauty of youth, bad smile from the memory of the' June rain 'engaging coming to us. The years seemed to be no different, and never look back, just quietly polishing every life, warm. Today's arrival is still good, eyes still sincere, just calm eyes more naturally after a time after the baptism of gentle detachment, temperament is more stable, acting more virtuous. Perhaps, delicate life is that you never know what the next ten years, what would you like? Listen to the years like song, play a song resonant gentleman. Arrival of these two picture are MCM605SA - MCM glasses And MCM2605A - 015 212. This one MCM605SA, can remove the geometry of the metal edge lenses create original but do not lose fashionable avant-courier of picture frame. MCM brand logo and natural color contrast, overall both fashion and style, the perfect brand the design of the unique charm. And this one MCM2605A, round frames with extremely rich texture coarse mirror legs, highlight low-key style of self-confidence, and on both sides of the rim and its leg on both sides of the ornament with metal decoration, enriched the whole pair of glasses. Choose a pair of MCM glasses, together with a brief look at the scene of the most moving, this June with the past stroke, listen to the June ten years ago young feelings!
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