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A clock to let you know what is a polarized sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
In the summer, the DiaoYou like polarized glasses. Why is that? The reason is very simple, the effect of filtering polarized sunglasses with polarized light, wear it fishing, watching more easily and not tired eyes, if the lens is dark color, Such as brown, green, grey, etc. ) To wear in summer, the feeling is comfortable! Polarized lens of natural light in life, the sun is composed of will in a particular direction of electromagnetic wave, reflection and scattering of light and often come from a particular direction, so in daily life into the eyes of the light comes from all directions, and the polarized sunglasses itself is a balanced arrangement of crystals, this structure only conceded crystal parallel light through, so, those to other Angle vibration waves are blocked, thus can effectively eliminate and filter out the polarized light beam, which is why the polarized sunglasses can filter out from the roof or pool of reflection to sun light after the polarized lens filter, can let a direction of the light through. Polarized sunglasses is to use this feature to block harmful light, because the sun touch any objects will be used by natural reflection or refraction produces harmful glare, polarized sunglasses can fully absorb the cause and the damage to the eyes of dazzling light. Doing so will help to enhance contrast and reduce reflective, enhance the effect of landscape color, reduce atmospheric fog phenomenon, make the vision clear. As the principle of shutter shade, light is adjusted to higher light into the interior, the natural scenery looks soft and not dazzling.
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