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A common problem resolution sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
★1. The basic requirement of qualified sunglasses? Must be able to effectively cut off ultraviolet ( Ultraviolet range: 0 - 380海里) ; Consumers after wearing sunglasses must be able to clearly identify red, yellow and green colors; The sunglasses must ensure that the wearer's personal safety, Lenses must be cleared by the FDA testing) ; After wearing sunglasses see things may not have deformation phenomenon ( Myopia except the sun glasses) 。
  ★2. How to prove that the sun can isolate uv lens? Can use yanchao pen test, when test pens to illuminate 50 yuan or 100 yuan real money, money will show the fluorescent 50 or 100 words, then use sunglasses covering yanchao pen, if money will still appear on the fluorescent character, said this sunglasses isolate uv is not complete, if the money will not appear on the fluorescent character, then this pair of sunglasses can effectively isolate uv.
  ★3. What is a polarized sunglasses? Where is the difference between it with the ordinary sun lenses?
the sun to the surface of the object, the glare (due to reverse the cause of the flood This kind of light is very dazzling) , glare hitting the eyes for a long time can make the eye fatigue, discomfort.
ordinary sun glasses to light can only be pure to reduce transmission of the light intensity, the ordinary lenses for the dazzling light energy play a diminished role ( The simple decrease the brightness of the incident light) , but cannot eliminate glare, and polarized lens not only weaken the incoming light, also can effectively eliminate glare;
the polarized lenses are able to eliminate the glare, its reason is like shutter, when we adjust the shutter blade Angle, indoor light produces from light to dark or from dark to bright, this is because only through parallel to shutter blade Angle of the light shutter enter indoor, make entering indoor light scattering by the chaotic multiple directions is adjusted for one-way direct light, makes into the indoor light becomes downy, polarized lenses in the lens with a single direction of optical axis, the one-way eccentric axis like shutter blades, to effectively arrange the incoming light and filter, when the light through the lens is subdivided into the light in his eyes, which makes the outside scenery looks more clear, soft and not dazzling.
  ★4. Polarized lens with normal lens which the hardness of the lens? At present general polarized lens ( Also known as lilly lenses or PL) The lens thickness is only 0. 75 and 1. 1 mm two kinds, the hardness of the lens is low ( Less than AC, PC and CR39 lens) , so very easy to scratch, but this is a very good lens toughness, not the lens rupture occurred phenomenon, and the polarization properties of the lens is pretty good; Also have on market now AC polarized lens, PC polarized lens, C R39 polarized lens and glass polarized lenses, these lenses are basic joint manufacture process, namely double lens middle joint a polarizing film layer, thus effectively avoid the disadvantage of ordinary polarized lens, lens and can guarantee the polarization characteristics, and to the joint strength of the lens of the production process is the strengthening of the same material of the lens have quite same thickness.
  ★5. Can rinse the polarized lens? Ordinary bao li lai lenses cannot clear water;
AC polarized lens, PC polarized lens, C R39 polarized lens should try to avoid water cleaning;
P ILKINGTON polarized lenses in the lens with sealant, can be washed.
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