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A few glasses a madman's favorite fashion sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
If every era has 'representative products', I think can define this crowd - — 'High-profile levels in appearance, low-key basic does not exist', 'is far away from you, in fact, very close, they are the representative of the era of product - — Glasses madman! Amway is a madman, today after a 90, as a new fashion stylists, street snap, fashion bloggers, 2011 travel channel first fashion all over the city all taps street champion and 2016 as a magazine 'YOHO! GIRL modelling director, she is one of China's fashion wear glasses display in the ashes of wet person, she is - — Little white Fil ( YanSi poem) 。 Of course, in addition to constantly praise her, admire her, the most important thing is to return to the topic of glasses, her each picture, decorated ornament with glasses, ( Follow up to humanism trend, must have glasses! ) Her tattoos, her hair still as rob mirror, want to forget really hard! Want to steal, follow to buy! Now as a domestic fashion mix quite popular stylist, she wears glasses really covers the entire glasses trend in 2016, now let's take a look at the glasses mad love a few sunglasses! Retired veteran cadres (1 Jin Sibian) Near the end of the year, glasses fashion to fire was retired veteran cadres of glasses. ( The preferred Jin Sibian! ) 'Abstinence' and 'return' restoring ancient ways in the 90 s are two fashionable this year's keywords, and combines the two trend Jin Sibian sunglasses is the most representative deserve to act the role of this year. The most popular style this year from the thick glasses became thin Jin Sibian glasses, was nicknamed the 'glasses', from the outside to show star street snap, you can see the figure of it. The United States! Fry! ! Recommended reading: 'old cadre' glasses and pop back to do a nerd is fashion's future? 2 square sunglasses this sunglasses and her wave with a different sunglasses at ordinary times, with her big arm, it is beautiful! Stay! ! Attend the fashion week, learn jacket box glasses, pedantic! Elegant style of dress more to enhance the aura of glasses with the box! Dedicated white elder brother also her private contribution out cough up ~ 3 transparent lenses accessories, sunglasses and a red and 2016 female's neck is full of sense of abstinence choker calculate a, filled with the breath of restoring ancient ways in the 90 s lenses sunglasses is another. Dark brown as creating a magic weapon of wind restoring ancient ways, never quit your line of sight! Travel TaShan, also do not forget to concave shape with transparent color glasses! Much, wuli small white! 4 dazzle colour sunglasses wants to blend the fashion circle, not a dazzle colour sunglasses, you should automatically out! Colorful travel is really to lead! And, of course, a star hot style, small white also have income under! 5 gentle Monster sunglasses to fire out of control the GM in the first half of this year, also appeared on a small white bag! Besides small white received a this, it is used frequently to mirror the marble color, reflective mirror, the future sense of taste and that kind of foot, see here, is only part of the small white glasses, in this article, the following is not directly above! 6 the cat's eye sunglasses recommended reading: the cat's eye sunglasses let you like cats sexy 7 round retro sunglasses laybourne RB4242 unisex eyeglass frame 6201/13 8 hyperbole colour brown sunglasses 9 heart-shaped sunglasses 10 exaggerated modelling sunglasses fashion glasses men glasses, you should review your view of the world? !
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