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A few jokes about the glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
Small make up this to sort out a few funny jokes about glasses, hope can bo gentleman a smile. Ms ports POF13501 glass frame purple PP1. After the boy with glasses in class, the teacher: 'a row of the boy with a pair of glasses up to answer the question. 2. Contact lenses to buy a pair of contact lenses, old mama have never seen, came running to see what is. Then use tweezers clip up to her to see the look, mom said, 'wow, really is invisible! 'And was glad to go. New ports myopia frame lightweight plank female money myopia frame genuine POF14303 red RD3. 'Teacher, why do you want to three pairs of glasses with three pairs of glasses? '' oh, is a pair of hyperopia, a deputy is myopic, the third is used to find the other two pairs of glasses. 'The glasses local tyrants teacher, are you see? Really think you win! 4. High myopia one day, a high myopia uncle hand of cotton, taking the bus bumped into another high myopia uncle hand live chickens. Bring chicken asked: 'where are you in the hands of lard is really good, buy it? 'Cotton laughed:' you this eye son, still play the eagle! 吗? '5. Stealth stupid thief a robber daylight to rob the bank, after they got caught by the police. Police: 'your ya quite daring! 'The robber was surprised to say:' I wear contact lenses, how you see me? 'The policeman after listen to three drops of sweat on his head. 6. Glasses for one day, uncle has an uncle to the optician glasses. The waiter eagerly asked: 'what kind of glasses you need? 'Uncle said:' I want a pair of reading glasses. 'Waiter took a few pair are not appropriate. The waiter said: 'you try this pair. 'The uncle said:' I wear this pair of clear. 'The waiter said:' I'm sorry, I took a picture frame. '
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