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A few tips about wearing sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
1, not polarized glasses is the best, the polarizer is more suitable for driving, generally exported more than do the PC tablet, high-end ray-ban do toughened glass, in fact are not polarized. Recommended reading: in order to cool the wrong sunglasses too hurts eyes 2, interior or light dark places, do not have to wear sunglasses, although cool is cool, but the pupil will enlarge, causing glasses fatigue, affect vision. 3, if myopia take glasses best match a and his glasses degree, this thing can't make do, especially under the condition of long-term wear. 4, about the color of the sunglasses, in addition to personal preferences, there are also some learning in it: gray lenses - to reduce the brightness, but it will not change color as they are brown and the amber lenses - reducing the blue part, thereby reducing the blu-ray fog caused by visual effect, but compared with grey coating were more likely to lead to original color of the object changes. Yellow lenses - can reduce more blue light caused by fog, so look scenery will become more clear and sharp, but were also more likely to cause the original color of the object changes. Green lenses - can filter some blue light to reduce glare, and increase the contrast between the object rose red lenses - if you like water or outdoor sports wear this kind of lens is best, because in blue or green background can have a very good contrast.
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